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What sort of different MMORPG players are there?

Gamingtodaynews1g - What sort of different MMORPG players are there?

I read a lot of these posts, and people wonder why the mythical Open world – Guild war – PvP MMORPG isn't a reality.

I suppose that it has to do with different player types and companies don't want to make games for a small demographic.

So, what are the different kind of MMORPG players? What do yo think is the majority? How has this data changed since the 90's? And what sort of player are you?

Post ends here. Below is what kind of player I AM.

Here's me :

I am the kind of player who doesn't want to farm all the time, but when I farm, I want to be with friends/guild members so we can chat about random things while farming (just like in real life when farmers/villagers chat about random topics while doing some mundane work.)

I like using Katars as a weapon, so a Knuckle/Brawler/Monk class would be my choice. Inexperienced in magic/Healing others/buffs. Good at being able to somewhat distract a boss while your main dps/tank is out of commission and healer is healing them. Not super high HP, but good dodge, so good survivability but not against fatal AOEs. Perhaps close ranged interrupt attacks. Not super risky like Dual wield or daggers, but enough defensive skills.

I like to passively help the guild, by providing currency or stone or resources to help build fortresses or something. I don't like active fighting too much, and would rather transport resources or be a guard for one that does.


I don't like open world PvP too much, but I could go for honour duels or something that's planned between the two players, and no items are lost (obviously). Of course the players can decide if they want to exchange something if they won.

I like Exploration for no reason. I always get a bit angry when Youtubers don't explore the map thoroughly. Just random exploration is what I love. However, I would want to find something when I explore – not just blank buildings with the same mobs. It maybe anything – A lore picture, some lore exposition, maybe a secret boss, a maze, an NPC that no one has seen before, an NPC that changes locations every few weeks, etc.. I don't want rewards, but I want to find something interesting.

I also love to teach people. I always abandon my current task in an MMO to help someone if someone asks for it. I don't know why I do that, but even in real life I love when someone asks for some knowledge on something. If I can take them on pointless adventures, I would love that too – and in return for accompanying me I would give them a gift. Like a student teacher relationship.

Maybe dueling with those 'pupils' of mine until they become good at PvP mechanics. Train my reactions with them in 'friendly' duels. Maybe work out better Equipment/skill combinations for both of us. (The level difference is always a problem, I don't like it)

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