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What video game sounded like a good idea in concept but was executed poorly?

Gamingtodaynews1f - What video game sounded like a good idea in concept but was executed poorly?

I remember a few games that I was really looking forward to but upon release, the execution was not done as I had hoped, or was not done as promised –

  • I remember looking forward for Homefront because it felt like a modern Cold War or like the film Red Dawn but with North Korea as the enemy.

    So I was looking forward for what the developers could come up with in order to make North Korea look geniunely intimidating as a real formidable enemy against the US but it felt like just another generic Call of Duty clone

  • Bioshock Infinite did not come out as I had hoped or as the developers first promised before release. I remember the developers talking about Songbird being an unbeatable enemy that constantly persued the player and the player had to find a way to delay the interaction because he was so strong and over-protective of Elizabeth.

I was hoping that the developers would have delved more into the concept of mulitple universes and explored more about the concept of free will vs fate and destiny but chose to delve more into the racial and religious problems of early 19th Century America

  • I remember how excited I was for Dawn of War 3 because I felt that having a Warcraft 3 like game or a mixture of both Dawn of War 1 and Dawn of War 2 sounded good in concept but the final release was too much like a MOBA where the heroes were too powerful and everything else was a minion-like level and there was still room for other strategies or creative oppurtunities other than choosing which of the three paths to take out first

  • I even remember my initial desires in the Division series where you not only get to see how major cities reacted to the sudden pandemic of the Green Flu, but to delve into the complicated relationship of being an agent in a chaotic world.

Between being a free agent in a post-apocolyptic America whose job is to maintain order in a chaotic world; and being a gun-loving judge, jury and executioner who can be as rogue as one could be.

I remember desiring that the developers could have used this opportunity to delve into the complicated scenarios of what being a person in a pandemic provokes you to do and how other people around you will react and maybe they could have made the player having to experience and choose how to deal with the reactions of all of them.

I really wished that we had the oppurtunity to come into conflict between the desires of the JTF and that of the Rikers, or the Hyenas or the Cleaners and examine what the desperate actions that they had to do to survive and examine who was the actual villain of the story.

But the story took a backseat and the focus was mainly loot-based semi-tactical gameplay where patriotic America is the hero and everyone else is the villain regardless of their ambitions and motivations

(tbh, most Tom Clancy games fall for the same trope where the villains/the terrorists are overly antagonised and the heroes are seen as overly heroic and/or patriotic)

What are yours?

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