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What will Nintendo’s 2021 look like? Here are my thoughts:

Gamingtodaynews1b - What will Nintendo's 2021 look like? Here are my thoughts:

Though Nintendo has had some great games this year, Animal Crossing: New Horizons being a big example, 2020 was a little more quiet, no doubt because of COVID. But, I believe Nintendo will sort of get a grasp on everything in 2021, and deliver a year filled with many more games that will make Nintendo fans around the world rejoice. I'll be going through each month, talking about the reveals and releases. Also, I do think that there will be tons of Nintendo Direct Mini: Partner Showcases throughout the year, but I'm not counting those, because I'm only focusing on 1st party titles.


There will pretty much be nothing, but we will get a bit of an explanation through Twitter and the Nintendo Website on what "Bowser's Fury" is in Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury. Basically, Bowser and his crew have gone back to the Sprixie kingdom, and have taken the Sprixie king hostage, as well as the whole Sprixie Kingdom. Mario and co. has to go through a much harder Sprixie Kingdom, saving the Sprixie's one last time and defeating Bowser once more.


February has a lot inside, with the Legend of Zelda 35th Anniversary and the Pokemon 25th Anniversary being in the same month, only 6 days apart.

First, Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury is released (this isn't a prediciton, they already confirmed it).

Then, on Twitter, to celebrate The Legend of Zelda's 35th Anniversary, Nintendo will release a full trailer for the sequel to Breath of the Wild, titled The Legend of Zelda: Spirit of the Zonai!

  • That magic hand in the E3 2019 trailer was an ancient Zonai spirit, whose race sacrificed themselves to help fight Ganon, and keep him in their temple under Hyrule Castle
  • Zelda is separated from Link, and Ganon awakens, plunging Hyrule into darkness
  • Now, with harder enemies, more obstacles, and only a small group of surviving refugees to help him, Link and the Zonai spirit must find Zelda and defeat Ganon
  • The game gets a November release date

6 days after that is the Pokemon 25th Anniversary Direct.

  • It starts with the reveal and trailer for Detective Pikachu 2!
    • Tim and his talking Pikachu are back, teaming up with another trailer and their talking Eevee to investigate a bunch of mysterious Pokemon dissapearances
    • It will be so, so, SO obvious that the other trainer and Eevee are the secret twist bad guys
    • The game gets a June release date
  • Then, there's some info about Pokemon Unite, which is given a March release date
  • There's also another trailer for New Pokemon Snap, with an explanation of the plot
    • You must help a brand new professor and her team explore a new region that was just discovered, taking pictures of the Pokemon living there and their way of life
    • The game gets an April release date
  • After some merchandise reveals, there's that cheeky "oh, and one more thing" trick that Nintendo does, and there's a trailer for the long-awaited Diamond and Pearl remakes, titled Pokemon Temporal Diamond and Celestial Pearl!
    • The game uses the open world mechanic from Sword and Shield
    • Gigamax will also be included, kind of like how Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire had Mega Evolution from X and Y
    • The games get a November release date


Pokemon Unite will release.

Nintendo will randomly drop a trailer for a new Mario Golf game on their Twitter and YouTube channel, called Mario Golf: Platinum Tour (credit to the YouTuber Arlo for the title)!

  • It's pretty much just a standard Mario Golf game, with new power-ups, characters, areas, etc.
  • The game will get an April release date


New Pokemon Snap will release.

Mario Golf: Platinum Tour will release.

Nintendo will reveal on their Twitter new karts for Mario Kart LIVE: Home Circuit, those two being Peach and Bowser.

  • They both release later that month.


Nintendo will drop a trailer for Super Mario Party 2 on their Twitter and YouTube channel.

  • It's pretty much Super Mario Party, but with new characters, new power-ups, new minigames, new boards, and a lot more fun (that's what I'd assume the tagline would be)
  • The game gets an August release date

Nintendo will reveal also on their Twitter that a new Smash character will be revealed and released that month, and it will be none other than… Monster Hunter.


In June, Nintendo will deliver an actual E3 Nintendo Direct, the only Nintendo Direct of the year.

  • The direct will open with… a trailer for a brand new Kirby game- Kirby: Star Warp!
    • Kirby is sent through the past, present, and future by an unknown dark force, which allows the developers to explore the Kirby lore a little bit more
    • Kirby teams up with old and new allies across time to stop the unknown dark force
    • The game gets an October release date
  • Then, it's revealed that the Nintendo Switch Online legacy content will get a massive update, now allowing people to play Game Boy games, such as Super Mario Land and Pokemon Red and Blue
    • This will cause the membership price to raise by a dollar, though, which will upset some people
    • The update releases that day
  • After that is the reveal of a new Mario vs. Donkey Kong game, titled Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Swip-Swap!
    • It follows the standard puzzle formula as the last game, but now with a multiplayer option, allowing you to play with up to three other players, online or not
      • Each player would control a different characters' toys, like Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Toad toys, each toy having different abilities
    • You have the ability to switch between different characters' toys while playing by yourself, so if you're in a situation where you need a certain ability, you can switch into Peach and use her ability to solve the problem
    • The game gets a July release date
  • There's a little touch up on Super Mario Party 2, with a little overview of the game.
  • Then, there's an out of NOWHERE trailer for a new F-Zero game, titled F-Zero: Overdrive (I'm pretty surprised they never used that for a title)
    • It's a pretty standard F-Zero game, but with new characters and a couple returning ones, new tracks, and a new ability for each character called "Overdrive"
    • The game gets an August release date
  • There's overviews over Temporal Diamond and Celestial Pearl and Spirit of the Zonai
  • Then, there's another Smash reveal, and it's none other than… Crash Bandicoot, with Coco as an alternate skin!
    • Crash and Coco gets a vague Fall release date
  • There's that typical "oh, and one more thing" reveal, and it cuts to black, with cheering and chanting in the background. The title pops up: Arms 2!
    • There's no clips or anything, it's just to show that they're developing it.
    • It gets a vague 2022 release date

After all that crazy stuff, later in the month, Detective Pikachu 2 releases.


Super Mario Party 2 releases.

Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Swip-Swap! releases.

Nintendo will reveal on their Twitter another kart for Mario Kart LIVE: Home Circuit, this one being Toad.

  • It's released the same month


Early in August, to celebrate Metroid's 35th Anniversary, Nintendo will drop a trailer for the long-rumored game… Metroid Prime Trilogy HD!

  • It's just the older Metroid Prime Trilogy, but in HD. No remaster or anything like that.
  • The game releases later that month.

F-Zero: Overdrive releases.

Towards the end of the month, Nintendo mysteriously drops a video on their Twitter and YouTube channel, a trailer for… a new upgraded Nintendo Switch, the Nintendo Switch Pro!

  • It's just pretty much what everyone expects: an upgraded Switch with better storage, graphics, and design
  • The standard Nintendo Switch will get a price drop to $250, with the Switch Pro getting a price of $300, and the Switch Lite staying at $200
  • The Switch Pro gets a November release date, the same day as Temporal Diamond and Celestial Pearl
    • The two will be heavily advertised together, and you can buy them both in a $350 bundle.


Crash and Coco Bandicoot arrives in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Other than that, it's one of the more quieter months.


Kirby: Star Warp releases.

Nintendo will reveal on their Twitter that two more karts for Mario Kart LIVE: Home Circuit, those two being Yoshi and Koopa Troopa. They both release that month, capping off the extra karts for this year.


Both the Switch Pro and Pokemon Temporal Diamond and Celestial Pearl will release in early November, allowing enough time for parents to panic buy them for their kids, and Nintendo can still stock up stores in time for Christmas.

Towards the middle of the month, The Legend of Zelda: Spirit of the Zonai releases.


Nintendo will reveal and release the final character joining Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and it will be none other than… Waluigi!

Nintendo will randomly drop a trailer for a new Fire Emblem game- Fire Emblem: Legends of Foldan.

  • The game will act as a prequel to Three Houses, following new characters and exploring the lore a little more.
  • The game gets a vague Spring 2022 release date

Well, that's it. Keep in mind that I know nothing, so don't confuse this with a leak. This is just a prediction by a random guy who just wants a good year from Nintendo. Please, please, please tell me what you think, as I want to make a YouTube video about this, and I want as much advice as possible so I can add some last minute changes in time to record it.

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