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What would be your dream MMO?

Gamingtodaynews1e - What would be your dream MMO?

I was originally just going to post a rant on what my ideal MMO would be but I figured I'd also like to hear other people's ideas.

My idea:

I want it set in the future, pretty much the Cyberpunk aesthetic. Kind of like a sandbox game where you have free will. I guess you can even "kill" important characters but you'll get Bounty's on your head. You can customise your character all the way from looks, to back story, to what faction they are in (but you can also change this by doing things for each faction in the game). There's no classes, but the more you do things the better you get at doing them, like using guns, hacking, parkour, assassinations etc. And it's sandbox so you can help factions take control of certain areas. The "quests" will range from small errands, to hacking ATMs , to taking over faction buildings etc. You can earn credits to spend on some flashy apartment or go to a stripclub. Or bet on underground fights, buy cars or motorbikes to race with.

I guess mine isn't technicially an "MMO" , because I'd like it to be a mix of these games:

Cyberpunk Warframe GTAV Assassin's Creed Hitman

Cyberpunk.- I know it isn't out yet, but the aesthetic and the ability to mix playstyles is cool. So you can go in all guns blazing, or you can be a hacker to assist your success, or use stealth.


Warframe – I actually want to model this game around Warframe in some aspects: 1. Their faction system, you earn reputation with certain factions but others can decrease. But you have the flexibility to choose who you support. And ofc the reward system. 2. Your spaceship (in this case it can be an apartment) being the main lobby. Where you can chat, hangout, organise who to play with etc. Or find people to trade with. As a game like this, it would be too hectic with thousands of people in the same city. So I would like to have Warframes aspect of having a main base, then being able to jump into the city with a playerbase of around 200? Or 100?. Then if you're friends with someone you can choose to join the lobby they are in. 3. I actually like the trading system in Warframe, forces you to talk to players, haggle prices. So I'd prefer it if in this game there is no auction house. 4. It's a recent thing but they've now added certain missions that depend on someone else doing another mission. So let's say in my game you're with a squad trying to break into an enemy factions vault or something, you could cut down your breaking in time.if you had an ally on the outside hacking into some kind of system, or interrogating some faction leader halfway across the city to get the security code or something then feed that to the guys infiltrating. 5. Warframes old railjack system, I guess a version of this can be used to.dictate a factions control over a certain area / building etc.

GTAV -Well I guess this game would pretty much be similar to GTAV but cyberpunky + more features. Big lobbies for one city, having your own apartment, etc.

Assassin's Creed and Hitman – I'd like the game to have a parkour system like assassin's creed. Jumping across rooftops, sneaking into places, being able to hide or disguise yourself. I'd also like the ability to assassinate people in certain ways like in Hitman. You can poison their drink, make it look like an accident, set up traps. Etc.

Sorry for the rant, it's fun to think about, but probably won't ever exist.

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