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Whats with Nintendo?

Gamingtodaynews1g - Whats with Nintendo?

Everyone knows about the 3D all stars problems, and you basically have two kinds of people with that. Half of the people think it's a lazy rushed collection of roms, and the other saying, "You should be happy because it's three of the best games of all time."

I fall on both sides, im overjoyed to play Mario 64 and Galaxy on switxh, and Im exited to play sunshine for the first time. It's amazing all three are together in one console. It oozes quality.

But it oozes quality thats been made and played. Nothing great in this game was made by modern nintendo, it's all great stuff…made well over a decade ago. This isnt saying old is bad, because all 3 games are incredible. Rather, its that nintendo is lazy. Hardcore nintendo fans rolls thier eyes at any mention of a nintendo product being less than 10/10 and not being a perfect company. And the sheer amount of complaints seem annoying, but with this much voice about this game, shouldnt it be acknowledged? Because the 3d all stars pack is lazy. They made sunshine hd but not 64. They added galaxy, but not galaxy 2. The title screen is boring and simple jpegs of mario from each game. And possibly the worst of all, they're only selling it until march. Why? Why do these when some of these flaws are easily fixed. In the limited availability l, they made that problem from scratch. I didnt expect a final fantasy vii or resident evil level of attention to detail with a remake, but I think it's fair for fans to want…something. many point to the crash and spyro remakes. These were games from the same ish era that got full remakes of multiple games. I sort of point to this with 3D all stars, on one hand, the spyro games and crash games all use rhe same engine, so its easier to remake those games than the Mario ones, whixh each had it's own engine. But what I do point fingers at is that insomniac and naughty dog put effort on these. You can tell they cared with these releases and are enjoying the history of those games not because thier fans would give them money, but because they too were fand, and proud to make those games again. I think people confuse with people pointing at crash and spyro as "look, they made full remakes. Do that!" With "look, they put effort in these. Do that."


Something people bring up is COVID-19. It is reasonable to believe that the virus could limit game design and development. Until you realize that this collection could have been made entirely virtually since they were never doing full remakes. Just make them all 1080p and widescreen. Maybe add a cool brand new opening cutscene is easily doable in the current climate. Some people say this is asking to much, but I ask you to look at Sony and Microsoft. Microsoft is developing Halo Infinite, and two physical Xbox's. The series x and s. It definitley takes more physical interaction to make a console. If you want to, you can make a game 100% virtually. You can make a game thats nothing but a line of code on a digital store, but a console cant. You nedd people do help design, build, and manage a physical console. Bur Xbox is a very American console, where covid is taken a lot less seriously, which is a whole discussion of it's own. Nintendo is Japenese, which has different customs and guidelines about covid. Maybe that's the reason.

But then Sony comes into the scene. Sony, a JAPENESE based company, has developed the PS5, a next gen console more powerful than almost any console ever, along with managing several triple A studios to make games like Resident Evil 8, God of War 2, Spiderman 2, and so on. It makes nintendo look like an excuse making child. To be fair, they have been managibg third parties with Monster Hunter and Shin Megami Tensi 3 and 5, but this pales to what Sony is doing. There bas been 2 1st party games this year from Nintendo. Animal Crossing, which was done with development befire the shutdown, and Paper Mario, near complete during shutdown. Pukmin 3 deluxe is coming, but thats just a port, very easy to develop.

After all of that, wouldnt it be easy to make the 3D all stars just a bit better? The homebrew community made Mario 64 widescreen in one day, so cant the richest japenese country manage it? I still love the 3d all stars. It has 2 of my top 10 games, but I sigh when I know with very minimal effort it could have been so much more. It makes Nintendo seem kind of arrogant. Kind of a, "were so good with all of our old games, we dont need to do anything. You should be grateful we give you this generous offer." It just upsets me. But what are your thoughta? Im only one person with one opinion so it would be great to here your's.

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