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When talking about solely gaming, is a PC really that much better than a console?

Gamingtodaynews1g - When talking about solely gaming, is a PC really that much better than a console?

In terms of my biases, i've been a PC gamer pretty much exclusively for the past 9 years. Now with the new consoles on the horizon i'm currently debating whether to upgrade my PC with the new GPU's/CPU's coming out later this year, or just buy a console. Firstly game sales, it used to be we would get AAA games roughly £10-15 cheaper than on console, now this advantage seems to have gone. For example Star wars Squadrons, £35 on steam, £35 on amazon for PS4 and that's a physical copy too. Cyberpunk £50 on steam, £50 on PS4 again a physical copy from Amazon. I'm not including key selling sites for obvious reasons and also you can buy console keys too from these sites. Even sale wise, i actually think consoles have caught up, i see very similar sales on my brothers PS4 as i do on steam even the big sale events.

In terms of visual/performance difference, this is certainly in favor of PC, however, due to the fact there are so many different configurations, there is always a chance the game just wont work well with your system. For example, Dark souls 2 for me kept crashing and stuttering i tried literally everything possible it just wouldn't work for me. Similarly with Wolfenstein 2: the new collossus, colors were horrendously distorted for me and there was a stutter despite it being at 60 fps steadily. There are not many things as disheartening as spending £1500+ on brand new PC parts and just having games that you can't play. Frame pacing wise too, consoles seem to be smoother as developers know exactly what the hardware combo is, if one console has problems without the console being faulty, then everyone's console will have the problem. Just take a look at the steam reviews for literally any game and you will see big performance issues noted.

Now for the cost of the actual hardware i know people will say you can build a PC in a few months time for the same price as a PS5 for equal if not better performance, the actual price to performance ratio is heavily in favor of consoles to quote John Carmack(Id software) ''For the same given paper spec, a console will deliver twice the perf of a PC, and a PC will deliver twice the perf of a mobile part.''


Just to reiterate on the bad ports point, it has gotten better since the 360 days were every other game ran terribly and you just had to brute force hardware wise to get past some of it, with the new consoles i really worry we could be in for those times again. Take the recent discussion with Linus and Tim Sweeney for example, with Tim Sweeney saying that the way the system handles the i/o with the SSD(or something like that) it's just not going to be possible unless all the major PC part manufacturers coming together to enable the same level of optimisation on PC, not to mention it will be some time before most core PC users have SSD's as strong as the new consoles en mass, even just looking at GPU adoption the low/mid end 1000 series still remain by far the most popular gpu's, and 1080p is still by far the standard compared to the amount of households that now own 4k tv's.

There's also a problem with multiplayer games, cheating is alot more frequent on PC than console. Even in single player games with piracy and cheating, DRM can massively tank performance for games, i know that GOG does away with it but the fact is that most new games ship with some form DRM. Achievements wise too i know it's a small thing but to a good amount of players(just look at how popular trophy guide video's are on youtube) it just isn't satisfying on PC, with the sheer amount of launchers, and programs that literally farm achievements for you on steam the achievement hunting scene just isn't what it is on console.

Again i'm not trying to start a flame war between the two platforms(and anyone that puts there self worth into a box that sits under your desk/tv needs to re-evaluate their life), just thinking out loud as to whether i should make the switch to console next gen, and perhaps if anyone else feels this way too. Also just to re-iterate i'm talking solely gaming so not if you need a PC for work or anything.

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