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Where do you think the gaming industry is going?

Gamingtodaynews1e - Where do you think the gaming industry is going?

goddamn where do i start

Ubisoft not so long were actually a great gaming company they had hits like prince of Persia, the ghost recon series, assassin's creed 2 and far cry 3 but i guess you know what's their state right now they have descended into madness, cut content, season passes, microtransactions, downgrades, bug filled games you name it they have done it, they are almost EA level but not quite, and think companies like konami is soon following in their footsteps

Bethesda and fallout 76, i expected it to have microtransactions ofc its an online game, but they really blew me away and the amount of bugs, i have yet to see a more buggy game than 76 and the fallout 1st membership do i even have to say anything, elder scrolls VI and starfield have to be literally perfect for me to continue buying their games, No man's sky was also a big dumb but hello games have redeemed themselves in my opinion, Bioware with mass effect andromeda and anthem was also a big foot in the face no actually that was a kick in the face, and i know i will get downvoted to hell but also Rockstar with red dead online, the latest one CD projekt red with cyberpunk 2077, but tbh cyberpunk is the best of the worst, but we have now reached a point where a game would be advertised for a system it cant run on, a questions i have and i think most people have is who to blame? it may seem obvious to say the suits and corps did this, but is it really? i think that gamers have a hand in this too, video games have become unbelievably expensive and the regular consumer just doesn't care about the creative and financial processes that goes into these game thus they demand more and more from video games thus putting immense pressure unto these devs and suits and the board of these videogame companies don't help they put unrealistic deadlines and continue to invest money that they try by any means to get back which results to what you see today like season passes and cut content


i will try the answer the headline question but take it with a big grain of salt as i don't have future sight power, i think what's happening here is games are falling under their own weight and in order to remove that weight videogame companies will start to cut down on new ideas and they will start producing more safe games, why do i think that you say? look at FIFA games they are successful as shit, COD series too, know why? because they found an idea that people like and kept repeating it, now they will milk every last drop out of them, and another example that people wont like but Rockstar too does this, GTA games have never been a wonder of storytelling or gameplay but what they are a wonder at is the open world, so rockstar will copy-paste their gameplay, fill your eyes with eye candy i.e. graphics and work all their time on making the open-world and its successful they don't try to take on too much they just focus on something people like and keep repeating it

singleplayer games have always been the focus of the industry right? will i think that will change too, look at the money epic games gets from Fortnite or pubg on mobile or Gta online they all make ridiculous cash, and i think Fortnite has proved your game doesn't have to be good to be successful, release a whatever controversial update people will talk about it other people will get curious and come try it and before they know it they are stealing their mom's credit card to buy skins, other than that in online games your most likely playing with your friends, so already the creative team have half their job cut because now they only need to make a functioning game

so in short, safe games and online.

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