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Which is the Superest Mario of them all? Vote now in the Tuesday Tussle! [Group Stage Part 4]

Gamingtodaynews1g - Which is the Superest Mario of them all? Vote now in the Tuesday Tussle! [Group Stage Part 4]

Which is the most Super of all the Marios? It's crazy, I know, but
Nintendo - Which is the Superest Mario of them all? Vote now in the Tuesday Tussle! [Group Stage Part 4]

r/Nintendo has been here for 12 years and still we haven't come to a consensus. Something must be done! The Tuesday Tussle is our weekly series where we determine which of the 56 Mario forms… power-ups… transformations… however or whatever you call them – is the greatest.

We have an initial Group Stage comprised of 14 groups of 4 before we go into ye olde Double Elimination Tournament. The list of Marios came from the Super Mario Wiki, the definitive source of all Mario information and the final word, the highest authority, which none of us shall question.

Last Week's Results

Group StageWinnerScoreLoserScore
Group F – Losers Round 1Ice Mario (New Super Mario Bros. Wii)65.8%Gold Mario34.2%
Group G – Losers Round 1Lucky Cat Mario68.9%Mega Mario31.1%
Group H – Losers Round 1Mini Mario75.5%Mr. Pipe24.5%
Group I – Semifinals Match 1Propeller Mario64.5%P Flying Squirrel Mario35.5%
Group I – Semifinals Match 2Penguin Mario76.8%Plane Mode23.2%
Group J – Semifinals Match 1Rock Mario79.9%Pump Mario20.1%
Group J – Semifinals Match 2Raccoon Mario67.3%Rainbow Mario32.7%
Group K – Semifinals Match 1SMB2 Mario70.8%Scarecrow29.2%
Group K – Semifinals Match 2Shell Mario72.8%Small Mario27.2%
Group L – Semifinals Match 1Super Mario65.6%Spring Mario34.4%

This Week's Contest

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Brackets indicate that Mario's first appearance – slight variations may occur between games.

Group H – Losers Round 1

  1. Mushroom (Super Mario RPG) – recover a small amount of HP each turn, but otherwise remain petrified until the effect wears off
    Mr. Pipe (Yoshi's New Island) – aid Yoshi and Baby Mario by giving them Flutter Wings and Eggs if they repeatedly lose levels

Group I – Losers Round 1

  1. P Flying Squirrel Mario (New Super Mario Bros. U) – all the powers of Flying Squirrel Mario with continuous gliding and jumping without needing to land
    Plane Mode (Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door) – morph into a paper plane and fly downward at a diagonal angle

Group J – Losers Round 1

  1. Pump Mario (Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga) – fill your body with water – Luigi can use the power of slapstick to expel the water in different ways
    Rainbow Mario (Super Mario Galaxy) – gain invincibility; super speed; break through certain objects

Group K – Losers Round 1

  1. Scarecrow (Super Mario RPG) – blocks the user of physical attacks and items, but doesn't prevent using magic or defending
    Small Mario (Super Mario Bros.) – the weakest form of Mario; enter small areas without crouching

Group L – Semifinals

  1. N/A
  2. Statue Mario (Super Mario Bros. 3) – temporary invulnerability; hard ground pound
    Stone (Paper Mario) – prevents Mario from moving; in Paper Mario makes Mario impervious to attacks

Group M – Semifinals

  1. Superball Mario (Super Mario Land) – throw Superballs
    Vanish Mario (Super Mario 64) – walk through some walls; walk through enemies
  2. Superstar Mario (Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island) – super speed; invincibility; the ability to run up walls; float
    Tanooki Mario (Super Mario Bros. 3) – glide; fly; tail whip; turn into Statue Mario

Group N – Semifinals

  1. Weird Mario (Super Mario Maker) – gives Mario Luigi-like powers including a higher jump but lower traction
    Wing Mario (Super Mario 64) – fly; slow fall
  2. White Raccoon Mario (New Super Mario Bros. 2) – raccoon Mario abilities; permanent invincibility; fast P-Meter charge; run on water
    White Tanooki Mario (Super Mario 3D Land) – Tanooki Mario abilities; permanent invincibility

Group A – Finals

  1. Bee Mario (Super Mario Galaxy) – fly for awhile; attract Flipbugs; stick to Honeycomb Walls; land on Flowers and clouds
    Balloon Mario (Super Mario World) – float like a balloon

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