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Which of these should I go back to?

Gamingtodaynews1b - Which of these should I go back to?

I'm terribly divided, a textbook case of analysis paralysis, so you are now my worthy rubber duck judges. Been playing MMOs since the mid 90s,and now with the plague forcing us to stay indoors, I want to restart my old love, but I have become a bit picky. Let me put some thoughts in text form, and let's find out together what happens.

What I care the most is the levelling process, and group pve. Don't care about minmaxing and pvp, as I just want to have fun without being ultra competitive.

WOW: played since BC and left shortly after legion. Many hated BFA and everyone is pissed at Blizz. Thing is that the huge amount of content available teases me, but it just feels a. Bit generic right now. Also, with the new expansion coming out in a few months, it feels pointless to go back. Prove me wrong.

ESO: on and off since it came out. Last time (some months ago) I enjoyed it, but the fact that so many cheat the dungeon queue by lying that they are tanks or healers, thus failing the dungeon, makes me disinterested. I played basically for the story quests, but really hated weaving.

SWTOR: I'm a big SW nerd and thoroughly enjoyed this game. Group content is a bit meh before endgame, and without a sub, the later levels drag on forever. With two max levels, feels like I've seen most there is. Could start a new char on the opposite faction though…


GW2: I love the trinity system too much, and this game grouping is a bit too chaotic for my taste. Also, might sound weird, but it feels that there's too much to do at endgame that I get overwhelmed and lose interest.

LOTRO: adore this game, but the lack of players doing group content before endgame makes it mostly a solo experience. It's fine, but there are severe OPness spikes, especially right after Moría. Left my Champ and Guard cos it took forever to kill anything. Love that it's story driven, but the gameplay is a bit piano-like and repetitive

BDO: despise P2W and grinding mobs. Won't ever play this game

EVE: oh, used to love this, but the sheer amount of time necessary to play Spreadsheet Online worries me. Also, as I dislike pvp and have little interest in industry (let's face it: need several accounts and inject them constantly), I fear its not the game for me

Neverwinter: a bit P2W and the constant gameplay changes are annoying. Severe connection issues (spikes above 500ms) for several minutes, several times of every day, always made me stay away

OSRS/RS3: I dislike sandbox games. I like missions and goals, with a clear levelling system. Never stuck with me

OK, even after putting everything into words, I still can't make a decision. Thoughts?

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