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While I think New horizons is a good game, no game is without flaw. Here are some suggestions of what could be added

Gamingtodaynews1f - While I think New horizons is a good game, no game is without flaw. Here are some suggestions of what could be added

Before I start, I think this is a really good game and a major improvement for the series. However I think they could add some minor things to make the game better

I'm going to get the obvious ones out of the way

Bulk crafting and crafting with your house resources should really be a thing

Manilla clams should be stackable since currently their only use is to make fish bait which is stackable

Tools should have a durability meter or at least some way to tell you their durability is lowering

Custom designs put on the ground should not be removed with the press of the Y button. It's way too easy to remove a custom design you didn't mean to.

Now on to the rest of the suggestions

There should be a way to eat more then 1 piece of fruit at a time (I know you can eat turnips 10 at a time but i'd rather not eat my stocks)

There should be more non diy items that you can customize

The gold tools shouldn't break

There should be some kind of shopping cart for the Able Sisters dressing room so you can buy more then one of the same item more easily

The Able sisters should make it more clear as to what you already own so you don't accidentally buy an item you already have

The ability to paint or customize fences would be cool

If you put 2 different paths next to each other, the little gap of grass between them shouldn't be there

Rugs and wall decorations should be able to be put outside

Allowing bridges to be made over gaps without water

While Nintendo has added a way to transfer islands to other Switches, they have yet to address the fact there can only be 1 island per switch. I think that if a 2nd account wants to play the game, it should let you choose if you want to share an island or if you want your own island

The Tv in the airport should tell you which of your friends are currently online.

Orville shouldn't tell you he notices you have a Nook Miles Ticket every time.


Isabelle should tell you what special character is on your island everyday instead of whatever tv show or movie she watched so you don't have to spend 10 mins running around your island looking for the character.

Or they could just make a designated spot for the special characters to go every day instead of wondering around

Currently, only paintings in the museum have descriptions. they should put descriptions in the bug, fish and fossil sections

There should be some kind of a weather app for the nook phone

When people arrive or leave your island, it shouldn't pause the game

The custom design maker not having touchscreen support even though thats how it worked in Wild World and New Leaf and the game already having touchscreen support with the keyboard is annoying


The Roost (Popular Animal Crossing data miner Ninji found evidence of Brewster/The Roost in the games code as part of the museum)

When decorating one’s house on the inside, players can pop up a placement grid in order to rotate and move stuff around easier. That overlay does not exist on the world map, but it definitely should. Placing a tree in the wrong place only to have to eat fruit to then dig it up and try again is a frustrating loop of insanity. Like the Nick Ha video suggests, even putting a marker on the player would be something. Oh, right, and let players move rocks.

Players should be able to aim a reticle in order to cast their fishing line and or at least be able to move the line once it is in the water. Trying to fish with some of the land’s angles can be tricky especially in regard to fish placement.

items in the pocket should be increased from whatever their number is now to 99. Weeds can be carried up to that amount so why not wood and other items?

Tortimer island or a tleast some hub island that can be used to play online minigames

Froggy chair

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