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Who is the Superest Mario of all time? Vote now in the Tuesday Tussle! [Losers Round 2]

Gamingtodaynews1e - Who is the Superest Mario of all time? Vote now in the Tuesday Tussle! [Losers Round 2]

Who is the most Super of all the Marios? It's crazy, I know, but
Nintendo - Who is the Superest Mario of all time? Vote now in the Tuesday Tussle! [Losers Round 2]

r/Nintendo has been here for 12 years and still we haven't come to a consensus. Something must be done! The Tuesday Tussle is our weekly series where we determine which of the 56 Mario forms… power-ups… transformations… however or whatever you call them – is the greatest.

The group stage is over and we head over yonder into ye olde Double Elimination Tournament. The list of Marios came from the Super Mario Wiki, the definitive source of all Mario information and the final word, the highest authority, which none of us shall question.

Last Week's Results

Round 2 Match 1Bee Mario52.4%Big Mario39.3%
Round 2 Match 2Penguin Mario77.4%Spring Mario15.5%
Round 2 Match 3Cape Mario51.2%Tanooki Mario48.8%
Round 2 Match 4Fire Mario54.8%Metal Mario42.9%
Round 2 Match 5Cloud Mario48.8%Boo Mario39.3%
Round 2 Match 6Raccoon Mario66.7%SMB2 Mario27.4%
Round 2 Match 7Cat Mario61.9%Wing Mario36.9%
Round 2 Match 8Super Mario50%Hammer Mario44%

This Week's Contest

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Brackets indicate that Mario's first appearance – slight variations may occur between games.

Round 2

  1. Big Mario (Super Mario Maker) – break blocks by running into or jumping on them; defeat most enemies in one jump
    Ice Mario (Super Mario Galaxy) – walk or skate across water or lava; cling onto or Wall Jump off of waterfalls; fire and ice immunity
  2. Spring Mario (Super Mario Galaxy) – jump high; go up steep hills; automatically wall jump
    Flying Squirrel Mario (New Super Mario Bros. U) – glide; cling walls; jump while gliding
  3. Tanooki Mario (Super Mario Bros. 3) – glide; fly; tail whip; turn into Statue Mario
    Propeller Mario (New Super Mario Bros. U) – propel upwards; slow fall; Drill Spin
  4. Metal Mario (Super Mario 64) – invincibility; underwater breathing; increased strength and weight
    Balloon Mario (Super Mario World) – float like a balloon
  5. Boo Mario (Super Mario Galaxy) – float; go through walls; turn invisible; attract Boos; understand Booish
    Shell Mario (New Super Mario Bros.) – swim faster and more accurately; dodge attacks; slide through enemies
  6. SMB2 Mario (Super Mario Maker 2) – gives user Super Mario Bros. 2 gameplay physics
    Frog Mario (Super Mario Bros. 3) – swim faster; go through currents; high jump; run on water
  7. Wing Mario (Super Mario 64) – fly; slow fall
    Rock Mario (Super Mario Galaxy) – encases Mario in a rock making him able to crush enemies and destroy red crystals
  8. Hammer Mario (Super Mario Bros. 3) – throw hammers; block enemy fireballs
    Builder Mario (Super Mario Maker) – swing a hammer; create and use Builder Boxes as platforms

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