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Who is to blame for why we haven’t seen a relevant MMO in nearly two decades?

Gamingtodaynews1e - Who is to blame for why we haven’t seen a relevant MMO in nearly two decades?

So everyone seems to be celebrating Vanilla WoW and making Asmondgold wealthy and laid, but not me. I think it’s fucking awful and it pisses me off. It signals the complete and total victory of Blizzard over all other game companies of this genre. It’s a disaster and for many it’s what we’ve known now for the last decade. Who’s to blame for this shit?


-investment in mobile games (guilty) -cutting back the number of titles released (guilty) -listening to social agenda that destroys games (guilty) -not listening to their fan base on what games to release (guilty) -bottomline! (Fucking guilty)

Verdict (guilty)


-zero innovation in 20 years (guilty) -not play testing their own games (guilty) -NOT GATHERING INTEL FROM TOP TIER PLAYERS OF THEIR GAMES (wtf GUILTY) -ZERO ORGANIZATION OF FEEDBACK DATA FROM THEIR PLAYER BASE! (GUILTY) -utilizing cherry picked forum posts for game improvement models (game over, you’re the killer guilty)

Verdict: (life in prison without parole)

Casual pleb base:

-doesn’t research the game (guilty) -doesn’t invest in the game long term (guilty) -doesn’t improve their personal gameplay out of overt and disgusting laziness not exercised in other games (guilty) -goes to forum to complain before adapting and testing (guilty) -doesn’t support increased difficultly in game but plays dark souls because it’s hard (guilty) -WILL NOT GET IN GUILDS THAT CAN PROVIDE GAMEPLAY IMPROVEMENT (guilty!)


Verdict: game killing accomplice of guilt

The Vet:

-plays the game despite it’s flaws (not guilty) -theorycrafts despite the game being dead! (Not guilty) -makes guilds and engages in server communication (not guilty) -creates gaming schedules for playable group content such as raids, pvp, or grinds (not guilty) -makes careful, specific, and thoughtful posts that devs can use to vastly improve their game and take the vet’s money longer! (Not guilty!!!!)


So! Before we go on a crusade to blame elder suffering veterans of this genre, realize- MOST IMPORTANTLY- that even if we are BLESSED 😂😂😂😂🤡🤡😂 with a triple A mmo of any real value, if this continues its dead in the water.

I want this genre back, I’m happy to see returned enthusiasm from neophyte gamers… but these conditions need to alter.

START HERE! As a game base of these games, please commit to the game, please gather together and force devs to make competent changes (these are always needed), and hold players accountable when they ruin a gaming experience.

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