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Why am I playing old MMORPG’s in 2019?

Gamingtodaynews1g - Why am I playing old MMORPG's in 2019?

I'm sort of new to this reddit, and really reddit in general. I was an active member of when people still posted there in the LFG forums specifically.

I've gotten the itch to play a "new" MMORPG.. but somehow I've settled on old ones….

I've played just about every major MMO that's been released in the past 10 years. My first MMO ever being UO. The two I played most extensively were FFXI (3 years) and WoW (Vanilla to Wrath and then off and on again to BFA)

This go round I've tried: ESO, FFXIV, Legends of Aria, Albion Online, Gloria Victis (which I really like, actually.) and Private servers of: FFXI (Eden and Nasomi), CoH, AC, Shadowbane, WAR, and EQ1999.

In trying all of these games, the main differences I find with the old games vs. the new games are as follows:


  • Quest to level, from quest hub to quest hub, and you're directed where to go at pretty much every step of the way. There is no figuring anything out on your own.
  • Dungeon and Group finders that let you run dungeons without ever having to step foot in the area where the dungeon is in the world.
  • Hardly anyone talks to each other unless you are in a guild. It's like you're just playing a single player game.


  • Questing isn't the main way you level, OR they offer some sort of reward/incentive for doing them that makes you feel like you accomplished something vs. killing X of something.. etc.
  • Less options for fast travel or skipping areas of the world. You're forced to explore to unlock content. It isn't just handed to you via some "tool" in the game. YOU have to find people to play with, which forces you to be social.

I played FFXIV, BFA, ESO, Gloria Victis, Legends of Aria, Albion and all of the older MMO's I listed above. In the 3 mainstream modern games I tried, I played for several hours without an interaction with other players and in some cases I never ever saw another player, ESPECIALLY in BFA. In FFXI within the first hour, someone asked me to group up to kill mobs, gave me some gil and items, and befriended me. In Gloria Victis, I ended up in a guild, ran some group PVP content, and had a lot of fun.


I guess, what I'm getting at is that the older mmo's encouraged social interaction, and that was part of the magic and charm of the games, it's what made me immerse myself in them. Modern "themepark" MMO's seem to be more about creating a single player experience that you complete along side other players, and only interact with them in a very non meaningful way. I try to go out of my way to talk to people in the random dungeons I run in WoW and everyone seems to be so "brainwashed" by the rush to cap and get gear mentality that they don't actually WANT to socialize.. which is sad, because it's the foundation on which these games were built.

My question is, at what point did devs poll the entire MMO community to believe that what players want is this, no socializing, single player, rush to end gamefest.. that we have now, in literally every single modern MMO that has been released?

I'm already bored out of my mind in FFXIV because I've already done the same quest 30 times, with different items, for a different NPC.. same thing, different wrapper…But, I'm barely level 10 in FFXI and I've already had more fun leveling, exploring, dying, and discovering than I've had in the entire time on the other modern MMO's I've tried. The reason why Gloria Victis is fun for me right now is because I'm interacting and socializing with people. It's not just a lobby to queue for a dungeon, that WoW and other games like it have become.

Okay, I'll stop now.

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