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Why are publishers so absolutely horrible at mmorpg’s and descision making?

Gamingtodaynews1g - Why are publishers so absolutely horrible at mmorpg's and descision making?

I hope employees or ex employees from publishers can answer this as well…..

In any case…

I have been a long term mmorpg fan. I played Tera, Blade & Soul, Black Desert and tried to play some chinese mmorpg's.

Black Desert is the only game that got it right, and guess what- they are making TONS of money.
They keep the community satisfied by giving them free stuff, and a good game everyone cares about. (Unfortunately not for me since no dungeons or deep mechanics except for pvp wich is unbalanced by gear, reason for their large income probaly)

What i cannot understand, is why other publishers dont follow and get a game thats worth every player's time.

Why do they make horrible descisions? Where is the research into players and the market?

No one was excited about bless, yet they decide to get this game released here. Most the players could say "we told you so", about its largely failings. It's not just bless as well. There are some asian mmo's that show no sign of coming here, yet some of them are enourmously hyped and also positively rated in the west.

Why do publishers not put resources and time into getting games to the west?

They are now trying to get moonlight blade online to the west, wich is a great game, but its been years. The game went into beta on July 1, 2014. It will probaly be a game to play since it still has alot of love. But again, its 5 years old now. It's like introducing a new phone from china to europe markets 5 years after it was released and hoping it will become a success. Ok- not a entirely good example i admit, because mmo's last longer, but the graphics being older does take a hit.


Why being greedy if you can sustain income over time?

People are tired of free2play aspects in most mmorpg's, they want something they pay for and can play based on SKILL. I understand that free2play gets alot of cash, but translating and maintaining servers/communications etc also take money, and you lose alot of players after a short period of time for the hate towards free2play.

For example, in china there's alot of hype for "Swords of Legends". It got a lot of players there who like it, and the west have very positively reviewed it as well. So it's probaly a very good idea to get that game to the west! But if you wait a couple of years, it will become outdated again. So if they would put a good amount of resources in getting it here, it would get massive hype and a large playerbase. But they dont care, so why do they not care?

This is why the mmorpg market is declining in players. Publishers just grab older games, free2play the shit out of them, and it only annoys people more and more and more. Quick cash grabs are now the reason the market is failing, and publishers will be less likely to get games translated or fund them, because the player interest for mmo's is declining.

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