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Why be Shifty? (Horror Story)

Gamingtodaynews1f - Why be Shifty? (Horror Story)

This will be 2 horror stories for the game Shaiya. The game had a solid PvP system as to why I enjoyed it. There was nothing like being the weakest class in the game and TPKing a group of 6 then get called a noob. The devs money-hungry to the point of corruption was what made me leave. So here is a bit of context.

End game items were rare and limited to two boss spawns a week and there were no instances. If we decided to take on TBBEG it was not only rare but an overly drawn-out fight. Max level was at the time 60 and TBB was lvl 70. This may not sound bad but when the exp to get from lvl 57-60 is the same as 1 to 57 it can be rough. Many people took months just to get from 59-60. So most people did really bad damage at 1-10 damage. The hunters would do maybe near a grand if max level. Why this matters is because he had like a billion health. Even with 20-30 people fighting it at once it would take 4-6 hours. Most would AFK auto-attack for this but I really felt bad for the healers as they had to do the whole fight with the exception of a few others so I make an alt account and multi boxed a healer to help some.

I started off in a lower-ranking clan but soon after joining the leader decided to merge with the second place guild on the server. A few days after we merge the clan's strongest hunter and clan member…. well let me rephrase that the strongest hunter on the server at the time. In this game, hunters have the highest DPS over all of the class's. He left our clan because the guy wanted more stuff for himself to sell. They said we can help you but you also have to think of the players that are working to be strong too so you can't get everything you want. This game had one of the worst mechanics when it came to end game. The player who did the most single damage got the party or solo loot drop/s. So he left and went solo to meddle in every boss fight and take every boss drop that we did taking the boss drops and leaving. This went on for months. The devs finally changed the mechanics to overall party damage and if you can't do the fight properly you have no place at the fight warning if you did it again it was a ban.


Over the next few months, I would rank up to a low-rank officer and my job was recruitment. It was fun for what it was and I made quite a few friends. Till one day I and other officer start hearing sounds. The guildhall would hold items we would give out and whenever someone takes something out it would make the sound of the item and it's the type being removed from it for all guild members to hear. This also locks the ability to have anyone else remove items while someone has the window open. We were raided by the at the time second in command. He said he was tired of not having money and have these items sitting there. As their rules were kinda BS if you did not have a certain mode for your class you are not able to get items. Also at the same time, some armor was not able to be used if you were not in the premium model. This mode costs money to use or face permadeath. I understood but still stealing it all for yourself is still BS.

Not too long after the guild dissolved.

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