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Why did they ruin so many of my favorite franchises?

Gamingtodaynews1e - Why did they ruin so many of my favorite franchises?

Every franchise I've been a fan of has been ruined by their company in some way.

This is so tiring, honestly. None of these franchises deserved this. They were beloved and deserved so much more. It's so tiring to be a fan of all these franchises, always having had hope, but to see throughout so many years, how they just got ruined.

So here they are. I just want to mention them.

Warning: This post is obviously subjective. This is how I personally feel. These are my opinions. Ok?

Sonic the Hedgehog:

Do I need to say more? Up until after Sonic Heroes, it was fine. Sonic Adventure 1, 2, and Heroes were great games and concepts that could be improved upon. From Shadow onwards, it started becoming awkward. Shadow, Sonic '06, Unleashed, Colors, and Generations are still not completely out of form though. They have some fun levels and the story makes sense overall despite being out of place at occasions. After Generations, however, it's been a fiasco. It's so sad what it has come to be. The series continuity doesn't make any sense anymore, Sega shows no effort to fix anything about the series since they're so scared of everything now, and all the cool characters have been reduced to the bare minimum of their character descriptions. A series that was once so cool, full of interesting stories and characters, now reduced to a meme, due to the company listening to unaccountable criticism, haters, trolls, and memes. They should have just believed in themselves instead. Sigh. Sonic and his friends did not deserve this.

The Sims:

The Sims 4 is still a great game. However, it lacks many things over Sims 2 and Sims 3. Meanwhile, Sims 2 and Sims 3 are not completely playable either because they are extremely unoptimized, and their CAS and Build Mode lacks many things that Sims 4 has. So, all of these games are awesome in their own way, while each of them also lacking many important substantial things that they should have had. You cannot choose one of these games and be decently satisfied. You go back and forth. It drives you crazy that you have to use so many mods to fix so many issues in each of them. The Sims is an amazing concept with so much potential, and didn't deserve this.

Crash Bandicoot:

While the revival has given a decently good game to many, I'm not satisfied. Because they ignored the continuity. I play games for their stories. We did not need such a differentiating split in the timeline. This is reminiscent of the Classic/Modern Sonic divide, and is rather probably a mistake. The ignoring of Crunch Bandicoot and Nina Cortex is certainly not impressive whatsoever. This new Crash 4 could have simply been Crash 6 and followed after Twinsanity. That's such an easy thing to just do, why not just do it, and decide to ruin the series for a portion of the fans instead? It just makes no sense. Crash has been mostly meaningless for me since after Twinsanity, and still is. Both the Bandicoot and Cortex families did not deserve this.


Legend of Zelda:

This series was once dark, mysterious, and epic. It was so intriguing. Especially Ocarina of Time and Twilight Princess. Now it's been reduced to a cartoony generic open world adventure. The Zelda series was famous for its deep stories and characters, and all the different dungeons with their beautiful scenery. Now you get none of them. And most people won't acknowledge this, somehow. They are just adoring how popular the series has become due to Breath of the Wild, which certainly wasn't a step in the right direction, and abandoned almost everything that made Zelda what it was. I have not been excited since after Skyward Sword. The beautiful world and the interesting mysterious characters of Hyrule did not deserve this.


Sega never even followed up to give this series a proper chance. The world of NiGHTS was so beautiful. There was so much more to learn about it. Nightopia did not deserve this.

Jet Set Radio:

Sega never followed up to this series either, despite there being a substantial amount of fans and the concept being full of potential. There was so much more that could be done. The GGs did not deserve this either.

Sly Cooper:

If they were just going to leave it at Sly 4, they could have at least given it a real ending. It seems that we're never getting anything about Sly Cooper again, so the series now makes no sense overall. Continuity and closure both matter. The Cooper Gang did not deserve this.

Life is Strange:

For this one I'm more concerned about the future of the series. What we had so far is great, but if they never follow up, it's just going to be left in such an awkward state. We deserve to know what becomes of all 4 main characters; Max, Chloe, Sean, and Daniel. There should be some sort of Life is Strange 3 that connects all of them and explains more of what's really happening. Of course, in a right balance, without going overboard and ruining the mystery. These characters deserve more. There might still be hope for this series.

I might be sounding like an angry video game nerd, but I am for a reason. I've spent my life seeing how these lovely franchises all got ruined, slowly and slowly. It just makes you so sad, seeing all these corporations and game designers making all kinds of wrong decisions throughout so many years. I am speechless.

Every few years, I'll go back and replay the games I do love and think are amazing. And maybe that's going to be just it. Maybe that'll be all that there'll ever be. I guess that's fine. Even though so much potential has been so highly wasted, at least what we had back then in the moment was completely amazing. What else could I possibly say.

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