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Why do console gamers quickly abandon multiplayer games / refuse to play old games?

Gamingtodaynews1e - Why do console gamers quickly abandon multiplayer games / refuse to play old games?

Between 2010 and 2015 I played almost exclusively on consoles (mostly Xbox 360 and later Xbox One). During that time I also started to play online after I wasn't very interested in online gaming before due to having a slow internet connection back then. Most of the games that I played online were the various Halo games, but also some others here and there. But whenever I got an "older" game like Dead or Alive 4 (which I got in 2012, I think), and tried to play it online, I found little to no other players and if I did find some, they were veterans who wouldn't go easy on noobs. I thought that that's just how it is, but when I got back into PC gaming in late 2015 and started to play PC games online, I noticed that it's much easier to find other players in older games on PC, even if they're 20+ years old like Unreal Tournament 99.

But on console, as soon as a multiplayer game is one year old, the player numbers go down with increasing speed. And I really wonder why that is. Even when console players really love a multiplayer game and don't like the sequel, they still stop playing the entry that they liked and instead complain about the sequel being different. Case in point: The Halo series. There's a very vocal group of Halo players who want every new game to be exactly like Halo 2 or at least Halo 3. Of course, since the original Xbox Live service has been taken offline in 2010, playing the Halo 2 multiplayer has been rather hard for a while (there were still way like tunneling devices or the PC version with the Project Cartographer mod), but apparently many of those people still liked Halo 3 and didn't want to play Reach and Halo 4, but still stopped playing Halo 3 and in 2012, just 5 years after release, it was already pretty hard to find multiplayer matches in that game. But when Microsoft released the Master Chief Collection and after 343 fixed the major bugs that really spoiled the multiplayer portion of that collection at release, those vocal Halo 2 fans still didn't flock to that compilation to play Halo 2 and instead complained about Halo 5 being too different from Halo 1-3. But why? I get that playing a game from 2004 at 30 FPS on hardware from 2001 is different from playing that game at 60 FPS on hardware from 2013, but it's still the most convenient way to play Halo 2 nowadays.


And although I never really got into that series, I've seen similar behaviour with the CoD community. When the CoD games started to take place in the future and got new things like enhanced mobility, the players just complained about that but didn't just continue with playing the older games. But why complain about a new game being different if the game that they claim to love so much is still playable?

And I've only ever seen this weird behaviour with console gamers. Like mentioned before, on PC even old games have rather huge player numbers, even when they received several sequels or updates that made changes. For years, people would even host private World of Warcraft servers to give others the ability to play vanilla WoW (without the add-ons) and when Blizzard finally made vanilla WoW official again, many couldn't even get into the game because so many people wanted to play and the servers were full. Similarly, when Disney restored the online funtionalities of the original Star Wars Battlefront games, a lot of people started to play those again and I can always find several populated servers when I go into those games. And I'm pretty sure that playing those games on a modern PC is different from playing them back in the day, similarly to how playing Halo 2 on Xbox One is different from playing it on the original Xbox.

TLDR: Why do console gamers stop playing multiplayer games after 1 year (or a bit more), even when they really love those games and don't like their sequels?

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