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Why do gamers ask for their favorite game to have a Remake if they are the ones who will complain about it the most?

Gamingtodaynews1f - Why do gamers ask for their favorite game to have a Remake if they are the ones who will complain about it the most?

Fallout 1, Deus Ex 1, MGS, Assassin’s Creed 1…Recently it seems like every gamer wants their favorite childhood game to have a remake in the vain of Resident Evil 2 or Final Fantasy 7. Why? Just so they can complain about how the original game is sooooo much better.

Resident Evil 2 2019 was a highly popular and successful game, but it really seems that most people who hate it were the hardcore fans who cried out for this game to be made to death in the first place. They hate it (among other reason) for the crime that Capcom made the game a 3rd person shooter instead of the fixed camera angles perspective. I legit seen videos of RE fans arguing that the remake is infinitely worse for that change alone. Ignoring how an insane mount of improvements that this change did and how modern gamers love this game for what it is & how it feels to play. Honestly, what non-RE fan would like to play a modern game that, at times, you can’t even look what you’re shooting at because enemies are off camera, or they attack you from a direction that your in-game character should be able to see, but you as the player can’t. (Also they seem to love to ignore that Capcom did attempt making the game with fixed camera perspective during development but ended up seeing that play testers didn’t like it)

Same with FF7, thou I haven’t played that game nor the original personally, but again, it feels like the most hate comes from the fans of the originals. Even though they seemed to be most excited crowed days before the game came out.


Look, I understand why this is the case. The hardcore fans are fans for a reason, they love that original game they grew up with, and so will be the most critical if a newer version of that same game is made. So my point is WHY does it seems that these types of “super fans” are the ones asking for remakes the most. Why? Just so you can complain how much worse it is compared to the original?

So I kinda cringe when gamers Willy-nilly makes post and comments about wanting their favorite game to me remade. Like, they just assume that if it’s done it will be done perfectly and identically as they imagine in their head. Never considering who might be developing it, the development team that might not “get” the game the same way as they do. Or the gameplay mechanics that they grew up with might feel dated or unfavorable for most current gamer. These gamers seem to never really try to imagine how these remakes would play out if it was actually realistically made.

If you are one those who want a old favorite game of yours to have a remake, don’t you REALLY want that the game gets a very well made remastered instead?

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