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Why do people hate on BDO for being P2W when WoW is wayyy more P2W?

Gamingtodaynews1e - Why do people hate on BDO for being P2W when WoW is wayyy more P2W?

As someone whose been heavily invested in Classic WoW, this game is a fucking joke. Blizzard does not care nor do anything about the boys, the bots have gotten so out of hand that real players will then go buy scripts to bot themselves due to how efficient it is.

On top of all this nonsense, you can go buy a thousand gold which would take a non-mage or gold farm class about a couple days to a week if not more to get for fuckin 15 bucks.

15 bucks..

And there’s people who I personally know spending upwards of 300-600 bucks on gold just to outright buy the best raid gear from guilds running GDKP and selling for gold.

That’s just Classic, retail is even fucking worse where Blizzard invented their own RMT via the game time coins not to mention they still have all the same problems if not worse than Classic.

I say all this to say that I’ve tried other MMOs in the Big 4 and they all have similar if not worse issues when it comes to this, so I guess what I’m trying to say is:

Take off the rose tinted nostalgia glasses, MMO is a dying market and the ones remaining are either going to be RMT/P2W supported by external sources or by the company itself like Blizzard and there’s no way to fight or change that.

With that being said, I don’t see how anyone here can shit on BDO for being P2W when that game takes over a $250k+ investment to reach the top levels so maybe 3 oil princes get there while your average joe working at McDonalds can drop a weeks check on Chinese gold and get to the same top level as the thousands of people doing the same thing.

IMO, in a market filled with this type of system I much prefer BDO’s payment structure.

Beyond just that, a lot of people in this subreddit seemed to have played the game years ago when it was admittedly a lot more difficult to get into and formed their opinion that way so they regurgitate the same shit in 2020. In reality though, the game has changed A LOT.

Barrier of entry is extremely low due to seasonal servers catching you up for free to those who spent years, and it directly puts you at softcap to enjoy low to mid range and even some high end grind spots.

People also claim the grind is pointless and mundane, but WoW is fucking brain numbingly more boring just alt tabbing all day and watching the same fucking rotation over and over. That same thing about BDO can be said about every MMO, so again I don’t understand how that’s even a talking point.


All in all, I think it’s maybe time people dropped the hate for BDO and see it for what is today instead of where it was a couple years back.

And it’s also time to redefine P2W in MMOs because by definition almost every MMO out of not all of them have ways for players to buy the best gear outright and there are many many people using those services on a daily basis.


I find it absolutely hilarious that everyone goes back to harping on the same shit:

Pets, Tents, Cash shop, enchants when I clearly pointed out that those systems have gotten a lot easier to manage because of the way game is now compared to where it once was.

Yet no one addresses the actual topic which is P2W in WoW via tokens and chinese gold, which is the actual point of this whole post.

People who say that buying WoW items for gold is dumb because you can earn it is the same fucking logic that people use to play BDO, they can earn the same shit that's in the cash shop by playing so how the fuck is this even a point of contention?

Then there's the top comment by /u/shaaunja who says the end game of WoW isn't about gear or grind when that's literally the current end game of WoW. The entire point of an MMO is to keep you playing endlessly so it makes no sense that somehow WoW's end game is exempt from that very rule that's been keeping it alive for so long.

I'm done reading this thread, it clear that no one is being objective about any of this and people have become radical fan boys for their favorite MMO and developer. This sub should be renamed to r/MMORPG_Shills because that's what this has become, smh.

If I was on Blizzard's marketing team, I couldn't be happier knowing that the same people who swore against WoW Tokens/RMT are now the same people defending it. LOL. And people wonder why MMOs are dead and filled with bots, the commenters on this thread defending these systems is exactly why.

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