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Why does everyone always immediately demand people asking about EQ go to P1999? It’s really not a good experience.

Gamingtodaynews1b - Why does everyone always immediately demand people asking about EQ go to P1999? It's really not a good experience.

Let me start off by saying I freakin' love Everquest. I've been playing it on and off since I was a kid, starting with Kunark and back then playing nonstop all the way to Omens of War. I basically grew up on it. I go back for every TLP release. So of course I check out any post here or elsewhere that has some bright eyed WoW player or kid that hears all these amazing things about how important community was to Everquest due to requiring people for everything, and how much better the loot was due to it not being half-assed tiered item level shit.

I cannot groan any harder at 90% of the responses though. Everyone wankin' it for p1999 like it's the greatest MMO experience imaginable. Top comment is always "ignore everyone else and just dl p1999, you can thank me later" or some other shit. So of course they download it, attack a skeleton in Greater Faydark, take a minute to kill it, have to sit and heal up for 5 minutes while LFG, repeat for an hour, find no one, then log out and never return.

P1999 is not a good experience for an average modern gamer. Shit, I, a diehard EQ fan, barely made it through the level grind. I have never once had success in bringing someone into EQ by showing them P1999 first. There are so many things that early EQ did well, but SO MANY things it did horribly. Stop trying to torture newbs with this crap. It's a low population server long past it's prime filled with people just re-leveling their 30th wizard for no reason other than they are bored.


What we really should be doing is recommending they hit the most recent TLP server. This guarantees a bangin' population at all levels, a game that STILL requires groups for just about everything, and lots of modern bells and whistles that the game frankly, desperately needed. It's still hard, but not tediously hard. You still need to med, but it's quicker. You will die and lose EXP plenty, but you won't spend the entire afternoon recovering your corpse. The UI is clean and intuitive right out of the box. And honestly, the endgame having instance options for casual guilds is probably the best change out there. You still get your guild vs. guild DPS races for live versions of raids and bosses and groups battling it out for camps, but your casual friends and family guild can progress on the side. P1999 is dominated by cockblock guilds that basically make the content inaccessible to most players.

Just please, keep in mind that modern gamers grew up on WoW and other easy stuff. Give them the middle-ground of a TLP. P1999 is fun if you want to re-experience the torture that was 1999 everquest, but that's about all it is. You can get everything and more with a humongous population just playing the most recent TLP server and coming from modern gaming, a way better show of what EQ is all about.

Thank you for coming to my TED talk.

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