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Why does this sub in general attack every single MMORPG?

Gamingtodaynews1g - Why does this sub in general attack every single MMORPG?

Why is it every day on this sub I see every single MMORPG getting shit on, "that is p2w" "That costs money" "that game has shit graphics" "that game has nothing but flashy graphics" and so on – Incompatible views are upvoted(such as free games are p2w trash and should all dies and games costing fifty dollars is outrageous and the devs are insane thinking people will pay that for a game are commonly upvoted) – Shit graphics makes a game unplayable but the only games that are not going to be put out by a big publisher are ones with shit graphics, also every big publisher sucks and you should avoid them all and so on. What annoys me more though is when people outright LIE to make a game look worse than it is, if a game is bad then shouldn't that be all you have to say?


example where someone sais Tera had a few hundred players at best, steamcharts shows 2 listings of 1k players each and it's common knowledge that most people play off steam, I basically ask to clarify why he sais there are hundreds when there are at least thousands. I have literally never logged into Tera and have no stake in the game; he sais I'm defending it and fooling myself it's in a good state by trying to clarify how many people play the game.

This isn't a one off case – EVERY day there are people claiming a certain MMORPG is dead, whether it's albion/tera/BDO or fu*king WoW, there's people lying about the state of the game in an effort to make it look worse than is and saying everyone that does not support their verifiably incorrect claims a S H I L L

tl;dr why do people gotta do that, just go on the internet and lie?

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