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Why don’t more people play Legends of Aria?

Gamingtodaynews1f - Why don't more people play Legends of Aria?

I am having fun in the game. It needs some polish and bug fixing but mage is fun. It reminds me of UO but a bit better. The UI needs work but it isn't so bad. I can get around it. I know pvp got nerfed with only a little area for pvp compared to open pvp outside of towns. Like UO the game is super grindy but that is part of what I love about it.

Most of my posts on this forum get down voted for my opinions. Maybe most MMORPG fans are super casual? Is that why? I like hard game like Dark Souls. Games where if you pull to much you better run or die. Tons of people like Black Desert Online. I got so bored with it. All you do is combat. Yes the combat is arcade fun. And just like arcade fun all I can take of it is about an hour then it is just doing the same thing over and over and over again. With games like Legends of Aria if I get bored grinding out mobs I can go explore, do dungeons, work on my scripting, do some treasure hunting, etc.

I know everyone is strapped for time with work and life. But I can't see myself getting excited for playing a game like Black Desert Online. But everyone just plays the easy MMORPGs. Those games have the whales and casuals. Other than UO Enhanced client Legends of Aria is the best there is but no one plays it. It only got 1500 players the first month on Steam and now it is like 50 people on Steam. Others play from the stand alone client but not sure how many.

I know out in the world I don't see to many people but maybe run into like 10 people outside of town. I wish more people would give games like this a shot. It takes patience to progress and can be tough starting out. Well I am done on my soapbox. Feel free to down vote lol.


Update for why I like the game so much since so many people have never even heard of it.

It is slower paced for starters. You level skills instead of leveling a character. It takes time to get new spells since you have to craft them or train them. Role quests so if your a type of warrior, mage, or rogue there are quests for your profession progression. Same for crafting professions with the role quests. It is open world sandbox game so do what you want when you want. It has some issue but nothing that takes away from the core gameplay. The combat is not super hard but it isn't easy either. If you pull to much you will have to run away or heal depending on your combat skills level. Just overall tons of player choice. Like my character is a treasure hunting mage that I am currently working on and having a lot of fun doing so.

2nd Update for people saying dev team has stopped working on this project. Even though the team is smaller and they decided to focus on other things it is not a dead project and they even have a blog post about the plan for 2021 moving forward. Which makes me a very happy customer.

March 2021 Development Update – Legends of Aria

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