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Why hasn’t there been another Mario Strikers?

Gamingtodaynews1f - Why hasn't there been another Mario Strikers?

Super Mario Strikers struck most of us by surprise in late 2005/ early 2006.

Super Mario Strikers is an arcade style football/soccer game. Which features matches of five-on-five, taking place on small but aesthetically diverse fields. Strikers seems like a classic arcade-style soccer game, but here's the kicker. In true Mario style the game gets extra buzz from all sorts of power-ups (red/green/blue shells for example), random Bowser attacks and the fact that there are no rules, so you can tackle your fiercest enemies like Mario tackles Toad everytime Peach is in another damn castle.

So, you boot up the game and you're greeted by a simple menu. The menu isn't super mario-esque but it is functional and that's what truly matters. With a few different modes varying from 2 cup modes to just single grudge matches, custom matches and the training mode Strikers 101. The menu music isn't incredibly special but it has a nice ring to it. And for me a very memorable one.

The accessibility here is incredible. You pick up the controller and go. Everything feels very intuitive. You choose a mode, then you get to pick one captain out of a roster of 9 characters and 3 other teamates from 4 different races/beasts?; Birdo, Toad, Koopa and Hammer Bro. Next, you jump into the action or you can discover the controls in the strikers101 mode. A training mode with unlimited time.

Pretty soon you'll feel like Cristiano Warionaldo or Lionel Yoshi striking the ball in the net. Each of these captains have different atttibutes although extremely vaguely presented, which makes it difficult to know what their respective strengths and weaknesses are. I personally play with Yoshi 9/10. But the others are fine too..

I still remember my first match as part of team Yoshi in the Palace. It was hot, sweaty, chaotic. Nothing at all like the simulations on Kamino. Ofcourse that's pretty much the way it was for all of us, wasn't it? All that breeding, all those years of training doesn't really prepare you for all the screaming and the tackling. Where the game shines is the simple yet entertaining gameplay. You'll be enjoying both the offensive side: as in dribbling across the field and scoring in no time, as the defensive side: tackling your enemies or stunning them. Beating your friends or CPU feels good. Talking about the CPU, they can be infuriating, especially the keeper, he feels like a god sometimes. Which makes it really frustrating. Nonetheless if you win after playing against a Sidious tier CPU it feels amazing. You can change the difficulty but that's not for me. While playing you will notice the variety of the stadia, with each their own aesthetic and feeling.


Some features can be seen as overpowered such as the ability to dash constantly and the range of the tackles or spamming them. But I think that's part of the charm. Meanwhile the crowd will be chanting, the sound effects of the ball flying around the field, hittin the post which sounds very nice. On the same note the goal celebrations could become very tedious after the 100th time but thats with most things after the 100th time.

The multiplayer aspect as in playing against each other or playing against the CPU is absolutely wonderful. Coordinating your team of friends and winning the cups feel epic. After playing this for hours I can understand that some find it boring and repetitive. I do think this game has potential for the switch though.

Ultimately, it sold 1.61 million copies worldwide. This game has passed the test of time imo. It is till to this day 15 years later enjoyable and accessible. It really is an enjoyable experience.

Later came a sequel called Super Mario Strikers Charged which came out in 2007. Can you believe that happened 13 years ago.. I have played Charged significantly less than the original but still, it was a welcome sequel with nice gameplay and easy controls.

Now, I have never understood why there hasn't been another on the Wii U or Switch. Heck, I would even want a HD port (for other games too actually, like MK Double dash and Mario Party 4-7) for switch. I know many people agree with that statement so what is Nintendo waiting for.

With all this said why do you think there hasn't been a new one? Would you like a sequel, or a port and what whould you want to see different?

P.s. Thanks for reading my long uncluttered rumbling to finally get to my original question. I have tried to make this a more enjoyable read, so here goes nothing.

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