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Why I always end up hating MMORPGs

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I love the idea of playing with other players in an MMORPG but I always end up hating the experience and feeling unhappy and I figured out why. For anyone who is interested – here is why:

  1. Critical Hits

I despise the idea of critical hits. You spend so much time and effort into chaining your skills, your positioning, grouping, strategy and at the end of the day, wether or not you deal high damage/cause high heals is determined by…coincidence? Why? Is that fun to people?

  1. Being forced to play in a certain way because of..

a) Unbalanced Meta

A meta will eventually develop which results in certain skills being better than others. And other players will expect you to follow the meta, leading to the player having to use certain skills in a certain order over and over again – completely restricting the freedom of said player. In a single player-game you would simply use the skills/weapons/effects depending on what you feel like – in an MMORPG people will expect you to follow the meta. The same CAN happen to entire classes as well.

b) Unreasonable and restrictive builds/talents/trees

During a characters progression, oftentimes certain traits or talents or something similar will be leveled. These talents or traits boost certain groups of skills, further dictating what kind of skills the player will have to use and shrinking the pool of viable skills to use, since using the weaker skills would be less efficient and seen as a waste of time, further limiting the players freedoms and creativity.

c) Unbalanced classes

Most MMORPGS will force you to play with other people and therefore created a PvE-system that requieres multiple players to do different things which is why classes exist. One class tanks, one heals, one deals damage, one buffs, one debuffs and so on. While no class can (or at least shouldnt be able to) solo every kind of content – due to this system and poor balancing there will be classes that are utterly useless when playing them solo/without a group. So even if you like a class and how they feel, you will barely be able to play through PvE-content alone. This often happens to healing or buffing classes.

d) Gear

The same with the talent-trees/traits. In Guild Wars 2 for example: What kind of gear you wear determines what your playstyle, skills and weapons will be. Gear-sets can increase your conditiond damage, forcing the player to therefore only use skills that deal condition damage. Casting other skills that are based on pure power, or even healing skills that are based on healing power is considered to be a waste of time.

  1. Lack of freedom due to stupid people

Now this might be my experience only. But I really love games that expect you to know what you should do in what situation. When someone tries to kill my friend I should have options. Do I try to kill the enemy with DoT? With direct damage? Do I try to cc them? Or do I heal my friend? In MMORPGS, what you do is determined by your class/traits/gear and I find that to be very boring. It almost comes across as if this system was put in place for people who are so stupid that they need to be restricted to one role only.

  1. Killing the fantasy and art-aspect

Growing up, I realized, like most of you I am sure, that most MMORPGS are simply an attempt to get yout to spend money on them and to get you addicted. From the way the world is build, the classes function, the pvp system functions, where and how obvious the shop-button is – everything in most MMORPGs is designed to make you feel like you want to spend money on the game. And a lot of people end up spending more money on an MMORPG than they would have on a single player game that needs to be bought once – which is the intention of most MMORPGS.

The characters, story, classes, memories the players of the game would create, all of that is overshadowed by the pure greed of the developer/publisher. A single player game that is already bought can entirely focus on fun, on the world, the people in it, the artstyle, the story, the moral and the emotion. MMORPGS create a meaningless, heartless fantasy world to hide what they truly are: a business.

  1. Inevitable paywall (Gear)

Due to MMORPGS being businesses that want you to believe they are fun, fantasyfilled games for you to experience with your friends, the paywall only presents itself once players fell in love with the game. Extremely fun things like the PvP-Scene or the Endgame PvE-Contet are usually hidden behind a pay-wall. I totally support spending money on games and think that games like Guild Wars 2 take the right approach. Give people a taste of your game and if they like it – they will pay to unlock it. However, most MMORPGs make it basically mandatory to constantly spend money on the game via microtransactions to simply keep up with other players, especially in the PvP-Scene. Gear is often times used as an excuse to implement these systems. You will either have to spend ridiculous amounts of actual money to get the best gear because of a purposefully highly complicated crafting-system. That or grinding that can go on for months.

  1. People who live their life online.

I don't want to judge other people at all or be mean to them. However, some people abuse MMORPGs to compensate for their boring lifes. They are not interesting, attractive or have loving families, so they spend all their time and money on MMORPGs. The game has to reward that which leads to these people being the strongest and best players in the entire game since they are what keeps the game going, financially. That leads to casual players being tilted and angry, turning to different games and soon, bitter and arrogant people who feel like they are worthless are all what is left of the population of an MMORPG, inevitably leading to it's downfall.

So…. there are my reasons that I always end up hating my experience in MMORPGs. Feel free to read me to filth and disagree and give me your opinion. After all – all of this is just my opinion and experience. Maybe your opinion is entirely different. Let me know! And thank you for reading!

Also – if you play or know of a game that doesn't have any or only some flaws that I mentioned – hit me up! I am bored to death.

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