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Why is the FFXIV introduction so poorly done? There’s nothing inviting about this.

Gamingtodaynews1b - Why is the FFXIV introduction so poorly done? There's nothing inviting about this.
  • The layout of the base website is strange
  • The official forums it directed me to is some kind of blog, while the actual, interactive forums I had to locate by googling
  • Confusion for myself and others who joined right after me because of the launcher asking me for a one-time password, then bouncing me around from page to page of instructions and additional logins only to find out that I don't need and can't get a OTP until I purchase the game. All I needed to do was ignore the box. Friends ended up having the same issue
  • The launcher is dated
  • The initial in game menus are dated
  • I can't get onto either of the XP boosted servers. Why that's tied to the servers only I don't even know

I figured I'd give the the game a go because honestly the MMO scene is horrid right now and I'm just bored. I accept that I'll have to deal with tab targeting and 25+ different skills which I don't particularly enjoy. I used to play SWTOR, though, so I can get through it. I accept that I'm going to have to slog through what is regarded as a pretty abysmal initial story if I want to do the norm, which is to get used to a character from the start rather than boosting and having no idea how to build into combos and the like. Why would a game that is universally considered to be a job to get through its initial questing, that has people just drop the title because of it, and that honestly has to overcome hurdles to keep people going because it has what even its best fans consider slow, boring combat at the start not do the one thing that it can to make the pain begin as late as possible by having a smooth starting experience?


I'm not even going to legitimately ask this on the FFXIV sub or forums because after just looking around there for a bit and seeing what's been mentioned here previously I don't want to deal with fanboys. In all seriousness this has been the least polished experience I've ever had when it comes to the simple matter of downloading and getting into a launcher, creating a starting character, and joining a server. It feels like this game is one big caveat of "once you get past aaalllll these things, we promise it gets good." I'm not saying this to flame, and I really, really want to hop into this game, but there's been no hopping about it. It's actually been an off-putting experience and not at all what I'd expect from one of the largest, most popular gaming studios out there. In all the responses I've seen about the FFXIV experience I'm just surprised I've never seen this mentioned because it really is that bad.

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