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Why is the sniper rifle the only gun in every FPS game that doesn’t follow it’s intended design and what to do about it.

Gamingtodaynews1b - Why is the sniper rifle the only gun in every FPS game that doesn't follow it's intended design and what to do about it.

This covers ALL sniper rifles in every single game imaginable. Not just FPS games, but more in FPS than any other genre.

This is not about player skill. This is not about skill. This is not about overpowered, nor about rank, competitiveness. This is about a gun. The sniper.

I will be using these two terms a lot and want to clarify them, because they are quite often used interchangeably, when they shouldn't as they're quite different.

Broken: A design element that provides an unfair advantage for an item with either none or negligible drawbacks or an advantage so great that it covers up it's apparent weaknesses without taking into account RNG, a player's skill or an opponent's skill, the environment and team play.

Overpowered: A design element that provides an unfair advantage for an item with either none or negligible drawbacks or an advantage so great that it covers up it's apparent weaknesses, while taking into account RNG, a player's skill and the opponent's skill, the environment and team play.

Just look at ANY game with guns and think about it. Every single gun in every single shooting game behaves like it's meant to by design. A pistol is short ranged, a shotgun is short ranged, a rifle can be any depending on its modifications and type, but will often have it's own short comings whether it's damage, range, ammo capacity, speed of shot, reload rate or rate of fire. A sniper rifle on the other hand, is designed for long ranged support. It's a specialised rifle and yet in FPS games, it's the only gun that doesn't follow it's own original rules like every other weapon in every other shooting game. In most casual games that aren't tournaments in some games, HALO 2 and 3 were notorious for quick scope snipers IIRC, they are extremely frustrating to play against, because there is nothing you can do against the enemy player, where as if they were wielding a different gun (even though they're more skilful than you) then you actually have a chance to retaliate.

The sniper is the only gun with unlimited potential in a 1v1 scenario. Give both players 100% accuracy, whether it be head shots or any hits, and the quick scoping sniper will ALWAYS win. No matter the scenario.

You could argue that the sniper rifle isn't as good against more than one enemy like a shotgun, if all the players are of equal skill, then you should always lose in a 2v1. If you win, then the weapon becomes almost irrelevant or less lose, since your skill is higher and it was about that and not the actual weapon. So, the point of group fights is mute, since we're focusing on the guns and not the players or skill here.

Shotgun wielders are meant to be frontliners and snipers are meant to be supports, so why in practically every shooting game do snipers act like front liners?

What would I suggest to fix this and actually have snipers intended to function the way they were built? Just like every other weapon in every other game?

    1. Introduce an aiming/scope delay on snipers of at least 2 seconds, because a sniper is meant to be slow to aim to ensure a more accurate shot. That's meant to be the trade off in range and power that it has, but in FPS games this trade off is non existent. Why does every other gun have to live with it's own restrictions but a sniper rifle doesn't? This doesn't seem fair for the balance of guns in FPS games at all. Again, this has nothing to do with skills.
    1. Introduce reduced accuracy for anyone trying to quick scope with snipers. Splinter cell comes to mind here, where the aim is constantly shifting all over the place and you only get a limited time to press another button to hold his breath to steady his aim, but you can only do that while standing still. That is how a sniper should function. In fact, Splinter Cell is the only game that I can think of with guns that has a sniper rifle operating the way it's supposed to. That and sniper elite I think.

Again, I want to state this. I completely respect the skill of all quick scopers, especially sniper players as it requires mad skills to pull it off and when you can. You're literally invincible. Halo being a great example of this as the sniper and shotgun were always hotly contested weapons, but probably because you had to earn those weapons, rather than spawn with them.

My gripe lays not with skill, but with the sniper's designs in 99% of FPS games. It's the only gun in most games that the devs deliberately warped to do the opposite of what it's meant to be. It's the only gun with unlimited potential and it's the game that absolutely wrecks the most havoc and is described as the most anti-fun gun when a player of higher skill is using it in a game of lower skilled players. No one gun in FPS games gets such a cancerous reputation than the sniper that I've ever seen and yet most devs don't seem to realise it at all, because it's become the norm.

And yet I've heard people try to counter that if you take away the quick scoping of the sniper then it's no longer fun. To which I call absolute bollocks, because then you're telling me that you don't find sniping someone from a long way across the map to be fun? If you say that, then you don't love using sniper rifles, you love using a broken mechanic and the two aren't the same. Not even close. I'm not saying it's overpowered because it has a huge skill curve that is quite often ignored in highly competitive games due to the cost of any missed shots. And yes I have been in love with that broken mechanic for a long time when I used to play FPS games a lot, but I rarely do now and sometimes go online to play PVP. However, only now have I really realised just how broken the sniper is most games and I heavily dislike it.

A common counter argument to eliminating quick scope from sniper rifles is that it would then slow down the pace of the game. Especially in fast games. For anyone who says that then clearly doesn't understand the actual purpose and function of a sniper rifle. Sniper rifles were designed to slow down a fight from a far away distance, while speeding up the overall battle/war with surgical strikes that robbed the enemy of their key assets. They weren't designed to keep up with a fast paced battle at all, that's why the shotgun, the pistol, LMG, SMGs and other rifles were created.

What urks me the most is that the sniper has no drawbacks whatsoever as a gun in most FPS games. If you miss, it's not the gun's fault. It's your fault as the player for missing. It's not overpowered, but it's broken. By all accounts, the sniper rifle in most games is an unfair gun. Fun or no fun, it's the only gun in most games with an uncalled buffed to insane proportions compared to its counterparts which have received no noticeable buffs to their weapon class whatsoever.

Do you agree or disagree? If so, then provide valid points. Because I've yet to see any valid counter argument to this.

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