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Why isn’t Nintendo’s online store available to everyone?

Gamingtodaynews1b - Why isn't Nintendo's online store available to everyone?

Nintendo is promoting itself as an international company that caters to customers world wide, but the lack of online store availability is very strange.

It seems like there are only a few countries/regions that actually have an online My Nintendo Store where they can purchase physical items, and not just eShop availability (some countries don't even have that). I can't find a list that states which countries actually have an online My Nintendo Store, but amongst them are Japan, the US, France and the UK.

I cannot for the life of me understand why Nintendo does not offer either: Region specific online stores, making it possible for anyone that has access to a Nintendo website to purchase items in an online store. Or: An explanation as to why they cannot offer a working online store to customers in specific countries or regions, preferably with a list of official retailers where you CAN buy what you're looking for.

If they cannot have an online store where anyone from any country can buy items, like Ebay and Amazon, then making sure there are available regional stores should be a priority. I live in Scandinavia, and I don't see why they have not yet made an online store that specifically ships to all the Nordic countries (or possibly more countries in the same region), just like the UK has a store that ships to the UK.


They're basically cutting off millions (possibly billions) of people from buying their merchandise directly, and therefore potentially missing out on profit because people have to find items through other retailers. Since retailers are purchasing stock, they can pick and choose what they're buying, and therefore can't offer customers the same access to available stock that Nintendo could just do themselves.

At the very least, if Nintendo decided to partner with local retailers in order to offer customers direct store access instead, that would be a different story, but they're currently not offering us anything and I cannot understand why.

If smaller businesses can offer this basic service, why can't Nintendo do this very simple thing?

If I want to purchase something from Microsoft, Apple or Samsung, there's an online store where I can purchase from them directly. If I want too purchase something from Sony, they still have a website that shows me all their items and offers, and it directs me to retailers where I can purchase their products.

Why is this so hard for Nintendo to do? They already have websites for most countries, but they're basically useless at this point.

Does anyone have any information about this topic? What do you think their reasoning is? And most importantly: How do you think is the best way they could solve this problem?

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