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Why it is more likely that Riot is creating a Runeterra MMORPG than not; an overview of hints and reasons why

Gamingtodaynews1f - Why it is more likely that Riot is creating a Runeterra MMORPG than not; an overview of hints and reasons why

Hi guys, I'm Coldore and I'm a big LoL and FF14 fan. In this post I will dive into some sources and video's that, in my opinion, suggest that Riot is making an MMORPG. I'd love for you guys to share your thoughts on this topic.

Reason #1: Since Riot's anniversary celebration video, in which they announced 7 different projects, something seemed off to me. Before I dive into what seemed off to me, let's quickly discuss the announced games in that video

Riot starts by announcing Wild Rift, the Mobile on-the-go version of League of Legends.

Around the 30 minute mark Riot starts to announce the new projects they are working on. Riot employees start explaining what they love about gaming and what their experience is with gaming, teasing new games that are about to announced in the video.

31:30 "A lot of us spent our youth playing shooters" This is obviously a tease for Project A, which we know now as Valorant.

Nicolo Laurent mentions "Strategy games" which could mean Legends of Runeterra, however an employee at 31:36 mentions that he loves games like Civilization. This could be a tease for a Riot strategy game.

At 31:35 an employee mentions she loves the old street fighter machine. Later in the video, 31:56 an employee talks about how he used to the arcade a lot. This is probably a nod to arcade fighting games like Street Fighter as well. These two employees were probably both teasing the fighting game they were about to announce, Project L.

At 31:44 and 31:45 we see two employees proclaiming their love for card games like Magic The Gathering, obviously teasing Legends of Runeterra.

For the remainder of the video we see some snippets of Project F and we get to see a teaser for the Arcane series. Months after this Riot announced "Convergence" and "Ruined King: A League of Legends Story"

What seemed off to me when I watched the video way back when is that at 31:52 Scott Gelb, Riot's COO, mentioned he loves to play MMORPG's but we see no announcement of a Runeterra MMORPG at all. At first I thought to myself "Well the guy at 31:58 also mentioned he has been a dungeon master for a long time, but Riot didn't announce a campaign in their video either, so not all of the mentioned experiences are teasers"

To my surprise however, D&D Beyond added a League of Legends campaign set in Bilgewater this June. Since the "dungeon master" employee's statement seemed to be a tease after all, I don't think its far fetched to say that Scott Gelb teased a Runeterra MMO after all.


Reason #2: In December 2019 Travis Gafford had an

with Co-Founder Marc Merrill. In this interview Gafford asked Merrill if Riot was working on an MMO (38:54). Merrill responded by saying that creating an MMO is hard, expensive and would take a long time for them to do, however he did not deny that they are creating one. If they were not creating an MMORPG at all, why didn't he just fully deny one was in the works?

Reason #3: In the Kickoff video at 16:30 Nicolo Laurent, the CEO of Riot, mentions he might even tease their upcoming MMO to the winner of his prize. I can't tell if he is joking or not, but he is definitely trying to tease us.

Reason #4: According to Nicolo Laurent was also asked if Riot was making an MMO. Nicolo Laurent didn't confirm or deny anything, but responded by saying "Do you think we have revealed everything?". This to me, is incredibly suspicious. I don't think Nicolo Laurent is trying to give us false hope by not denying that Riot is making an MMO. I think that if they were not making an MMO he would have denied it.

Reason #5: Riot is developing Runeterra,lore, stories and comics more than ever. They are finally giving shape to the world of Runeterra. This is because more games Riot develops depend on Runeterra as a universe. A card game, ARPG and MMORPG aren't as interesting to play when they aren't part of an interesting and well developed universe.

These are the reasons why I think it is more likely that Riot is making an MMO than that they are not. I hope we can expect an announcement at Worlds, but that's probably just wishful thinking, since if Riot is developing an MMO, it has probably not been in the works for more than 2 years. I am really eager to see your opinion and what you think Riot plans to do with Runeterra. Post your opinions down below or drop by my ( if you'd like to discuss anything LoL or RPG related stuff.

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