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Why Kid Icarus: Uprising deserves a Switch Port (even though it will probably never happen).

Gamingtodaynews1g - Why Kid Icarus: Uprising deserves a Switch Port (even though it will probably never happen).

Does everyone know Pit from Super Smash Bros.? Of course you do. He's from Kid Icarus: Uprising, here's why it should get a Switch remaster, because the sequel doesn't come out until 2037 and I frankly need something do until then.

It would look fantastic

Kid Icarus: Uprising is already a pretty game, especially for a game that came out early on in the 3DS lifespan. Updating the textures and touching up a few of the models (Medusa's snakes are probably the most in need in this regard) will be more than enough to make the game look dazzling.

It would be simple to do

As I said in the above paragraph, simply a texture upgrade and some redoes on some of the more blockier models would more than satisfy me and I'm sure many others, because let's face it,


. This is a case where I'd be willing to pay full price for the same game with no little to no new content, arguably even less because I can't imagine they'll be able to include AR battle and Streetpass modes for the obvious reasons.

Light vs. Dark is a great mutliplayer mode and it deserves a second lifetime

The online multiplayer mode, Light vs. Dark, is really fun. Two teams of four fight each other using the weapons and powers they collected through single player. When someone dies, they detract from the team's HP bar. The stronger the weapon, the more HP is lost. When the HP bar reaches 0, the last player to die becomes an angel. The object of the game is to defeat the other team's angel. The game actually still has an active community coming up to 9 years after the game was released, but it is a lot smaller than it was at it's peak. It deserves more players.

It would be a chance to fix the game's biggest problem

Why do I have to beat the game and then go back and complete Chapter 24 in 11 minutes or less to unlock the Palutena Bow? Isn't that supposed to be Pit's Signature Weapon?

The controls

You knew this would be mentioned. The controls for the 3DS game are admittedly terrible. Circle Pad to walk, Touch Screen to aim and L to fire functions well enough, but I would be wrong if I called them comfortable. I never had as big of a problem as a lot of people, but I'm not going to pretend the problems aren't real. The inclusion of the second Control Stick on the Switch controller would ease a lot of people's wrist pain.

More people need to play it

This is really what it boils down to. Every time someone mentions this game, the fact that it's incredibly underrated always comes up, and I'm bring it up again here: it's criminally underrated. I know I've been trying to convince people to play it since I first played the original, and I have been unsuccessful, but I doubt I'm going to find any success now that the game is out of print and the 3DS has been officially discontinued. Hopefully a rerelease would convince more people to play it.

Am I optimistic that this is ever going to happen? Not particularly. Project Sora disbanded upon the game's release and Sakurai has been beholden to Smash ever since, and he's said before that he has no interest in doing it, and even if he did, he deserves a break after the Smash DLC is done. I can only hope that he changes his mind (like he has done many times in the past) or hope someone else decides to do it instead of him.

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