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Why play ESO ? (A discussion i hope)

Gamingtodaynews1b - Why play ESO ? (A discussion i hope)

Longpost sorry. But i can't criticize an mmo (and imo no one can) with just a few sentence.

So yes my original post was poorly made. Here we go.

Firstly i played since the beta preorder the game and played in on and off till summerset.

Questing :

Imo i don't think voice acting add too much value in the game because i don't mind reading but its subjective.

I didn't really like the questing in ESO because its always the same thing they give you choice that hardly matter, i guess my biggest complain is that the choice you made don't really impact the world. Story wise i think most quest were boring maybe wrothgar was good but some character (the wood elves girl) seem out of place and idk why every time they need to put some funny character, that break really hard my immersion more so when the story is serious. And when one of the funny character do smthg serious that seem out of place.

But the biggest insult for me was morrowind main story, at the end you choose to kill the girl and even if she was kinda right she killed so many inoccent people in her quest for vengeance so i choose to kill her but i was unpleasantly surprise to see her at the end of summerset still alive because this assassin girl who is acting superbadass and such, didn't have the heart to kill her, i guess that's fine but why give me the choice then? and imo the summerset story line was pretty underwhelming for a conclusion about the deadra war.


Now for the pve well i didn't do vet trial because it didn't had any loot that needed at the time and iam not really a fan of pve without smthg to earn so i can't comment on it.

For dungeon, they are pretty simplistic mechanic wise and every things is so simple i guess it's because your character can do absurd dps in the context of the dungeon, you don't even need a healer because most mechanic is OS or dodge so you just burst the boss and avoid the OS mechanic and you barely need heal and even if you need it you can just heal yourself easily.

Open World :

For open world, everything is dead easy that you OS every thing like what when i played i did 30k-40k dps and a normal mob have like 30k hp so i could basicly just left clic them.

If you want a challenge in the open world, you can solo world boss but they are not even hard they just do a lot of dmg with their auto but mechanic wise there is pretty much nothing.


And now for the main reason that i played this game the pvp becoming emperor and such.

So first of all at least on EU server cyro is pretty much unplayable since launch till i quit cuz of the lag, so your only bet was doing small scale in a mode that advertise big battle.

And even if it became very stall fast i mean its fun to hold a bridge for 1/2 hours but sieging castle was pretty meh.

My biggest issue is the gameplay to be fair you could become a god and do 1vXX easily but it wasn't because your were good but because your opponent were bad.

So they put IC and i through it was the best thing ever pvpve is such a good mode but the lagg was always there and it become dead pretty quickly so no real reason to do it so i mainly did pve there…

BG well they are simply bad because of the matchmaking system you could have sometime only 2 team mate, some were bad, and you could be against full premade that just wipe your group but they "fixed it" by removing premade ??? such a bad decision they could have put two queue but i guess there is not enough player playing BG.

Also there is no ranked system so you pretty much stomp or get stomp, it was hard to find an evenly match fight.


And to top it off, the game mode were bad at least i didn't like them i think wow BG are way better.

Gameplay :

Now the fun part the gameplay, well its just bad, it really don't feel like a combat system made by a AAA dev but rather an indie dev on low budget. That was so bad that it was hard to know if a mechanic was intended or a bug example the bubble that silence you when your inside, well you could just break off it and i through to myself that can't be right, well i was right it was a bug that existed for 4 years i think, till they fixed it (at least for the mob i don't recall for the player).

Well there is a lot of things too like weaving was it intended or not ? it don't seem like it. Spamming one ability and your other skill are buff or dot, again that was intented ? i don't think so.

The dev, have no clue what they want to do with their gameplay so they roll with it, smthg could be a bug but they will say nah it was intented.

Polish :

Again it doesnt seem like a AAA studio, the animation are pretty stiff, multiple bug compared to what an AAA studio can make, i think that they engine is pretty bad and they are unfortunately stuck with it.

I really don't know why you can't desactivate music battle, i really hate music battle in any mmorpg, i had to put the music completly down, its a shame because i couldn't listen to the zone music.

Some positive :

I liked the thief system but i would prefer if it had more player to player interaction like you could stop a thief and such and had a justice system in the game.

I liked the vertical progression.

I really enjoyed playing with my DK magicka, i guess it's because i like battlemage and unfortunately not too much mmo have it.

The emperor system was promising.

I liked the vampire system not so much werewolves.

The thief and assasination mission were kinda good, i guess it was a good variety.

I really liked the wrothgar DLC, iam kinda sad that i didn't have the same feeling with other DLC maybe clockwork city not so much about the actual content but more so the fact that you're in tiny sphere, imo the highlight was when you talk to the guy (one of the tribunal) at the end i forget is name.

I guess it was pretty nice to live in the world of ESO and to be fair they did implement some things that were previously on other ES game like the book that was pretty neat (even if i didn't read them all or not at all).

Writing about possitive make me things that ESO have so much potential that i think will never be expanded like the justice system but i can see why it would be hard to implement and would lead to abuse.

Conclusion :

I am certainly missing some elements but there is so much to talk about it because there is so much in this game but quantity doesn't mean quality.

On a final note when i want to play ESO i think to myself why ?

For the pve ? why just not play wow or ff14 they have better instanced pve.

For the pvp ? well its mainly the reason because pvp mmo are kinda dead but again it's average at best i could simply play other genre and have more fun.

For the open world ? well GW2 do better in an open world game than eso imo (jumping puzzle, dynamic event, world boss that feel like world boss (sadly only feel),….).

For questing ? well i could just play a single play rpg and have a blast in a game purely design for it and modded to my liking.

So what you think that ESO do better than other mmorpg ?

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