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Why Sakurai Isn’t a good game designer imo!

Gamingtodaynews1g - Why Sakurai Isn't a good game designer imo!

Not hating, I respect bro but he really has never proved to be great at designing games. Let's look at Kirby. You can fly over everything. I get that its supposed to be easy but, What is the point of the game if you can skip everything? Even nsmb games don't stoop that low. Next, lets look at Smash Melee, A beautiful accident. Enough said. It's essentially like that episode of Spongebob where the white paint flew everywhere, and happened to be perfect. Still, Melee is my favorite Sakurai creation even if it is flawed. Brawl.. honestly I feel as if Brawl was the ''ultimate smash game''. I love the idea of all these characters coming together for an epic story. Too bad Subspace is filled to the brim with poor level design choices, poor enemy placement, shit ton of autoscrolls etc. Of course, the rest of Brawl is horrible. Slow gameplay, Meta knight and tripping (another example of poor game design) Never played Kid Icarus Uprising, so I can't speak on that game. (downloading a rom atm) So, lets move to Smash 4.

Some positive changes from the slow and awful gameplay of Brawl. The game actually feels decent to control. Love the character roster and stages. I wont go deep into the UI design, because that has already been talked about enough. But it's a mess. Not horrible, but not great. Smash tour, a waste of space. Again not bad, but not really great. I would've rather have Smash 4 release in mid to late 2016, if it meant we got a good story mode, that improved upon the flaws of Subspace. But nope we get a watered down version of Mario Party. Also, Diddy and Bayo we're broken. (Poor design) Now we have Ultimate. Honestly my least favorite Smash game. As time went on, Sakurai has been focusing of quantity over quality. First, let's look a WoL. The worst big single player mode in Smash bros. history. At least Smash run or tour could be fun. This is just a boring game mode where you fight, fight, fight, against cpu's who are supposed to be other characters. Why not delay the game and make actual bosses for all these characters your obviously trying to emulate. Or why not release world of light episodically. That would be so dope. Like waiting for a new season of your favorite show. of course, not a long wait 2-4 months at least. But in the mean time there is so much story, fun exciting gameplay, and content to look forward during the current episode. Now obviously that probably isn't very practical, its just an idea.

My problem with Sakurai, is how he wants his game to be a massive as possible. World of Light isn't fun. A repetitive 20+ hour mode is not fun. Obviously ''fun'' is subjective, but from a game design standpoint, WoL is not good. It's not good to artificially extend the length of your game with bs. MORE IS NOT BETTER! Why not just go the Bowser's fury route. Have a short mode, but make it feel alive, and fun! Bowser's fury isn't out yet.. but you get the idea. Next let's go to the characters of Ultimate. One of the same issues I have with World of Light. There are so many. I wont go off to much on this part, due to the fact that Smash is meant to be a casual game. It gets pretty annoying to fight characters who play the same. Pretty much every character in Ultimate has to play the same due to balancing issues. This leads to uninteresting and repetitive gameplay. Other Smash games didn't really suffer from this is issue due to having smaller rosters. Again, not gonna go to deep. I'll save that for the Smash bros reddit. Now, my main gripe with Ultimate is it's controls. Ultimate feels so clunky for many reasons, so lets start with the buffer system. Buffer in fighting games are a great addition. It makes it so you don't need to be frame perfect to input an attack (one of my issues with Melee is the lack of buffer) With that said, it starts to become an issue that worsens gameplay.


Let's use dodgeball as an example. When your in the middle of a match and you don't react fast enough what do you expect to happen? you get hit. Now if you do react fast enough, you can dodge the ball. What you don't expect however is for your own body to move itself into a position for the ball to slam you in the face. That's what the buffer system does. Many, and I mean MANY people have complained about this. And Sakurai will fix it right? Nope take Sepiroth instead lmao. Instead of adding characters, how about you fix some of the issues within your game. I'm not against DLC fighters btw. Also another flaw is the input lag.. yea, more than any other Smash game. Why? Apparently it's do to the graphical strength of Ultimate. So, why not allow me lower the graphics for less input lag? It makes all the sense. Even games such as Fortnite have a setting like this. Why can't I play the game how I want? Speaking of playing the game how I want, now we can move onto the lack of movement options in Smash Ultimate. Ever since Melee, Sakurai has made it a goal of his, to make people play the game exactly how he wants it to be played. (definition of not understanding why people enjoy your game) Why remove wavedashing? It's as easy to preform as running and then jumping in Mario. Why remove perfect pivots, and dash dancing? Your game is a platformer. In platformers, movement is key. The devs of Super Mario Odyssey understand this. You have long jumps, back flips dive rolls, side flips, cappy tricks etc. Not to mention the fact that SMO rewarded the players for using cappy in more skill intensive ways. What do we get in Ultimate? Running? WeLl YoU CaN Do anYThinG OuT of A DaSH! No.

The issue is that I cant express myself through my character. That is the point of movement. It feels, nice, looks cool and good movement is useful in gameplay. There are more issues with Ultimate, like online. But meh, we all know how awful Nintendo online is. Even with all of the negative things I stated each and every one of the games I mentioned are still good. I'm just tired of people praising Sakurai like everything he works on is a masterpiece. I still like Ultimate as well. Don't get the wrong idea. Again, Masahiro Sakurai is a hard working dude, and it shows. But I just wanted to point out some flaws tha can be improved upon.

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