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Will people stop saying there is MMORPGs similar to World of Warcraft?

Gamingtodaynews1e - Will people stop saying there is MMORPGs similar to World of Warcraft?

I have been scouting posts, asking for games that are similar to World of Warcraft, and there is none, while you may mention what's closest, people are asking for similarity.

There's a difference…
When a person asks for a similar game, it has to have at least a couple of similar features, NONE OF THE MMORPGS OUT THERE RIGHT NOW HAS ANYTHING THAT IS SIMILAR TO WORLD OF WARCRAFT. Its just a fact.

When a person asks for something along the lines, or something that is the closest to being world of warcraft, you can mention all the crappy games, such as final fantasy, etc. But not for one second mention games that are similar, because none of them are, I tried them all since I got the same sad comments, and none of them has any of the features, or feels that world of warcraft has.

So please, for the love of god… Stop recommending games as similar, they're not, far from. Most games out there are sad copies of third person shooter games, and korean games.


Final fantasy, its a fast phased MMO where you have no feeling of being needed as a class, you have no feeling of being grounded in the combat system, the overall interaction with your character, is stick mannered, there is no fluid motion, even the jumping ability is some sort of one liner coding. The combat system, targeting system is god awful.

Ashes of creation, Its a fortnite, paragon, call of duty shit 3rd person perspective, shit mmorpg with korean shit in it, but at least its not pay to win.

There is no freaking game out there similar to wow, so stop fu*king mentioning similarities when people ask, just tell them to ditch the wow style, and jump on the god awful train of shit mmorpgs.

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