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World of Warcraft Classic. My slightly different impression

Gamingtodaynews1e - World of Warcraft Classic. My slightly different impression

Hello fellow MMORPG-enthusiasts,

the following text is hugely impacted by subjective impressions and my expectations. I‘m not a native speaker so I‘m sorry for any english errors that will happen.

About me I‘ve been playing World of Warcraft for over 15 years. It always was my go to MMORPG, even tough there were many changes in the past that made me playing less and less. When World of Warcraft Classic was announced I was happy like a child in front of a christmas tree. Oh the good old memories. Glorious days of no commitments and times of pure freedom.

I was aware that things won’t be like they were back then but nonetheless I was hyped as hell. So I‘ve contacted my friends I‘ve met playing private servers the last years and we set everything up to make our own guild. A guild for people enjoying the game but who have too much commitments nowadays to play as much as they did back then. One year before the release we already had over 80 members and the community started to form the first friendships.

The release When the game was released everybody was hyped. Long queue times, server crashes but everyone enjoyed it. Nonetheless people realized Blizzard underestimated the amount of players and therefore there were not enough servers in the first 24 to 48 hours. There was no excuse for that because of the character precreation 2 weeks before release Blizzard should have been prepared. Anyway our guild tried to stick with the initial server we‘ve chosen even tough many guild members weren’t able to log in and play after work for the first two weeks. People got mad and we had to make decisions.

The decision Since we were a social guild, the guild leaders discussed the fact that the players of our guild that we wanted the most, were just not able to log in and play after work. It was a rough decision. We‘ve spend talking many hours and came to the conclusion to leave the server. We knew many people would not stick with us but we expected to loose more hardcore players than social players. When we transferred the players of our guild were split in three parties. One group hated the decision and stayed on the old server. One group instantly followed us using the free transfer and one small group transferred with us but hated the decision anyway. That was something we would regret later.

The first days after the server transfer The new server was awesome. Small to no queues and people were able to hop in and play after work. We really loved how the more social players made the step with us and we began to finally enjoy the game as a community. Nonetheless there was this small group of players that were really pissed about the fact we’ve transferred. They kept making things up, started to undermine the guild leaders and spread negativity. We slowly but surely found out who those players were and tried to talk to them. The talk was pretty uncomfortable for both, the player and us. While some left the guild after the talks some said they would change but that never happened we found out later.


The aftermath More weeks in people lost more and more faith in us as guild leaders. We tried our best and I‘ve spend countless hours talking to my guild members to get a feeling of what is going on. The hardest kick in the balls was a dispute with one of our guild leaders that was mostly a private thing. He left the guild and with him his best friend. Our guild rumored why that happened since he was a friendly guy everybody loved. I liked him as well, he was a really good friend of mine. The rumors didn’t stop even tough we were so transparent about it. I‘ve always tried to be transparent but people forgot that I‘m just a player like anybody else and I did not want to share every single detail about an argument I had with a friend. People started to get toxic and said that our guild leads are lying about what is happening behind the scenes. There was absolutely nothing happening besides me loosing a good friend but people asked and asked and asked. It was horrific. I felt so stressed logging in because people lost faith in me questioning my sovereignty. I‘m honest with you. I‘ve lost control over my guild and did not know how to get it back. I‘ve tried hard but people spread personal information about myself in the webs, threatened me and weird shit happened in the forums. Really long story here. I know people will say there’s always two versions of a story and that’s true but I always wanted the best for my guild. I surely did mistakes and I may not be supposed to be a guild leader.

The conclusion I‘ve lost my guild, my last hobby I‘ve had after my injury and lost two really good friends and hurt my relation to my best real life friend who played with us. I got threatened for leading the guild I dreamed about for years. Now I’m just playing on and off. Alone with one other guild lead who quit with me. I’m not able to build up friendships again in this game because I fear what could happen.

I’m a emotional guy so maybe all that sounds weird to you. For me the game is dead. It may was my fault in some ways but I‘m really shocked what happened. Even a half year later I think about everything that happened almost every day.

TLDR; Had a pretty romantic view on the game but blizzard messed up, I messed up and many people in my guild messed up so I‘ve quit the guild and likely will quit the game.

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