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WoW is incredibly outdated

Gamingtodaynews1b - WoW is incredibly outdated

I played WoW off and on from 2005 up till mid-Legion, when I stopped and switched to FFXIV. I went back this weekend to check out all the new content and to finally make an Allied Race character since they got rid of that ridiculous rep grind.. It's been a couple years since I played.

There are a number of things that I guess I never noticed about WoW till I started playing FFXIV. Here's a few things that really stuck out.


In FFXIV, when I need to get somewhere, anywhere, it's just a matter of clicking Teleport, then clicking the destination, and I go there for a small fee. Literally anywhere in the game world. Regardless of continent or region. Hell, I can teleport to the First, a completely different world. It's SUPER convenient.

In WoW, I was questing with my new character in Wrath of the Lich King zones. I needed to get back to Stormwind, and since my Hearthstone wasn't set to SW or Dalaran (I didn't have the Dalaran stone yet) my only options were to either hearth to the inn and fly to SW or take the boat. Even my old high level characters who have a few more teleport options, still require a click, and then taking a portal somewhere. Unless you play a mage. In 2020, that's absurd.

Dungeon Lockouts

In FFXIV, every single dungeon from Sastasha, the first dungeon in the game to Heroes' Gauntlet, the latest dungeon, is accessible if you've unlocked them all. Regardless of level. You can use the Duty Finder (group finder) or form your own party and run them. Or solo the low level dungeons.

In WoW…let's just say this is actually what prompted me to make this post. I wanted to unlock Nightborne, one of the Allied Races. But I needed to finish the story in Suramar first to get the achievement. But I was at the part of the story that required a couple dungeon runs. The problem was, my character was too high for Legion dungeons so they were not available in group finder. And I couldn't form a premade group because it was locked till 50. Which means my only option was stand in a city and spam "LFG". The same thing I did 15 years ago in Ironforge. Or wait till max level when I could from a premade or solo them. The dungeons I needed weren't even available in Legion Chromie Time because they are Heroic/Mythic dungeons. Again, in 2020, that's just absurd. Compare that to FFXIV and it's no comparison at all.



In FFXIV, dungeons actually do require you to pay attention. Every dungeon boss from like level 50 on up has various mechanics, with many of them being instakill if you do them wrong. A bit more is expected of you.

In WoW, dungeon bosses live like 10 seconds or so and are pretty much tank and spank. Disclaimer: I haven't played any of the BFA dungeons, so those might be different. But all other dungeons are a sleepwalk. That is, if you can even run them.


FFXIV is known for its great storytelling.

WoW is…lol.

Again, I think I just never noticed any of these things but after playing FFXIV for the last two years and really nothing else, then coming back, this shit is GLARING. It's like thinking you live in the best city or country in the world, then you go live some place else for a while and when you come back to your original city/country, you look around and are like…this place actually sucks.

For what it's worth, WoW still has that "it" factor. I love void elves and it still has the power to draw you in, despite its myriad flaws. And no single game on the market is perfect. FFXIV has many that drive me crazy sometimes. But in WoW, I just think the game doesn't have the technology to do some of these things.

After all these years, I can finally see that. The game is incredibly outdated. I think it's time for WoW 2. And I'd totally be there for that.

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