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Wow, we need to talk… :3


Dear Warcraft,

it pains me to have to say this, but it's time we went our separate ways.

you were so much fun back in 2005-2010. but let's face it: like many others, i've been staying with you out of habit, not out of love. the love faded away a long time ago, but i didn't have the courage to admit it. i think we both knew, but we just ignored it…and we can't ignore it any longer. it's hurting us both.

it's time for me to move on. i've given you so many chances. like so many others, i said: "Cataclysm was just a mistake. they'll correct it in the next xpack." and you did…somewhat. but then wod came along, and though i forgave you and stood by you, defended your bad decisions throughout, you didn't change like you promised you would. you didn't respect me. i gave and gave, and you just kept taking–without giving back.

i wish i could say "it's not you, it's me"….but let's be honest. it's you.

the constant grinding, the loot lotteries, the endless rep and currency grinds, the terrible toxic people and disgusting attitudes and behavior you do nothing to correct…the dead guild scene, the lack of class flavor, the stark class imbalances, the lackluster design, the developers' lazy attitudes.

the terrible and abusive player attitudes, the endless frustration for little or no reward, the complete lack of accountability….need i go on? i'm not the only one suffering from these things. it's an epidemic, and i want out.

it's just gotten to be too much. and if you keep going the way you're going, many more will abandon you very soon, too.

you cared once. you cared so much, and so did i. remember those days? i do. and now, those memories no longer make me smile–they make me sad inside, because i miss those times so dearly. but no matter what, we just can't recapture what once was. those days are gone forever, and nothing will ever bring them back.

between us, i've been the one putting in all the effort to keep trying and believing, while you don't seem to care. you just keep going the way you've been going–carelessly, thoughtlessly, while the foundation of our relationship kept cracking.

we grew apart a long time ago. but neither of us wanted to admit it because change is scary, even when we know those changes are necessary for healing to take place.

i've found a new home in FF14, a place where i'm respected and cared for. a place where toxic behavior is dealt with, not expected–because it shouldn't be expected, it shouldn't be a normal part of an enjoyable gaming experience. it just shouldn't be.


i've secretly been seeing FF14 for about 3 weeks now. in fact, i'm already part of a guild…or rather, Free Company, as they're called in this new world. i've already made about 10 new friends there. that's why i haven't been logging on much lately. i don't know why i feel like i owe you the truth after all your dishonesty, but i do. so there it is.

a place with a vibrant community, friendly and helpful people, and a huge world of newness. classes offering flavor and variety, a noob-friendly atmosphere and design, a player-first mentality, and graphics that are fresh and brilliant and modern, because they don't resemble saturday morning cartoons of the 1990s.

all these things you once offered, but have taken away little by little over the years. now, i have nothing left to give you. i'm tired, i'm exhausted, and i no longer believe we have a future together.

enough is enough. i'm sorry. but the magic and the fire fizzled out a long time ago, and it's time for us to go our separate ways, to live our own lives and do our own thing. it's better this way.

i need my life back again. i need to believe once again that there's a bright, happy future ahead of me. i need to recapture the happiness of looking forward to what's coming, because for so long, i've been trying to find happiness by looking back…and it's in vain. there's no lasting happiness in longing for what once was–there's only the pain and wistfulness of missing things that have slipped away. things we both know are never coming back. not today, not tomorrow, not in Shadowlands, and not in the next 2, 4, or 10 years. not ever. what's gone is gone.

you've abused my faith too much. things just went wrong a little too often.

i wish you all the best of luck. i hope someday you realize the error of your ways and can find the strength and courage to change what needs to be changed, and you'll get better. but i can no longer stay here and watch life pass me by while you actively destroy everything that was once beautiful, meaningful, and exciting between us.

thank you for 15 years of memories, and for all the wonderful experiences we shared. i'll always keep them close to my heart and remember you fondly, as you once were long ago. before things changed.

i wish you well.


a former druid

now a white mage.

PS – you can keep my items, my guild bank, my mounts, and my gold. i don't need them anymore.

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