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WTB> Social Profession-Rich MMO/ Server-based Multiplayer game

Gamingtodaynews1e - WTB> Social Profession-Rich MMO/ Server-based Multiplayer game

TL;DR "Mabinogi but not," or "Life Is Feudal but populated." For the real eclectic folks out there, "Haven & Hearth but 2020." Majorly fleshed out Social aspects / Life Skills, preferably first-person WSAD, character customization, and vanity / self-representation options for neat bonus points.


Like many other people, I'm settled in for this COVID nonsense for the long-haul, and have been looking for a social MMO / multiplayer game to really sink my teeth into. I've looked high and low, on PC and Mobile, and have yet to find the game that quite scratches that itch..

To utilize as a reference point, I've sunk thousands of hours into Mabinogi in the past, and absolutely adored the game back in its heyday. I'm sure even now, it's quite good, but even with all the new content, the dated engine really takes its edge away and makes it lose its luster.

I've tried Black Desert and found the necessity of high-energy combat taxing, and have sifted my way through games such as Gloria Victus (Engrishy and unpolished) and Life Is Feudal (a graveyard,) and have yet to find that perfect game. Honestly, if Life Is Feudal was still populated, I'd be totally fine working as some blacksmith or tailor to support whatever nation I'd be a part of.

If I had to name some of my major selling points in order of greatest to least concern, the following would apply;

○ Rich Crafting / Profession / Social systems where player interactions actually carry weight. Not necessarily tranquil, but I don't want to be shoehorned as some giant murder amazon queen that stabs all the bad things.


○ Engaging, possibly RP-Centric community. Player-driven economy a bonus, but not needed.

○ Deep character customization / Clothing availability / Vanity options for self-representation.

○ First / Second / Third / Overhead camera options, in that order. 2D and 2.5D also acceptable.

○ Solid, reliable combat mechanics without ridiculous latency (optional)- Medieval / Historic time period a bonus, but Future / Present / Anything else works as well.

○ Free / One Time Purchase / Sub based payment model. Not a huge roadblock if it's worth it. Will gladly pay if it means keeping waves of teenagers at bay that would want nothing more than to ruin the experience.

I've tried my hand at a lot of games in the past, and I've found myself wishing there was some happy marriage between Mabinogi's "Life Skills" and Haven & Hearth's community-centric design. Life is Feudal and other medieval games often have fairly solid mechanics, which makes for some fun RP / Profession combinations (Playing as a hunter who supplies meat to her village and works the leather from her kills, etc.)

I'm getting too old for the typical WoW mob grinder. Plop me in a town somewhere, let me be some stuffy herbalist, and give me a community to thrive on.

. . .

What'cha got?

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