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Hello Everyone,

XEN REBIRTH IS NOW REVIVED. This is originally called Secret of the Solstice (2007) game.

Xen Rebirth

There are many things to do in the game.


There are many types of dungeons you can join from level 45-186. A party dungeon such as Tramis (Level 45- 65), Rusty/Pirate Ship (Level 70-100), and Altar (Level 146-186) are a team dungeon where you have many mobs to get rid of before the big boss.

Another dungeon type is World Boss that has been recently added to the game. Every 6 hours, this World Boss is where everyone (100+) in Xen is able to participate in killing in the world boss. Once the boss has been defeated, everyone who participated gets tokens as rewards to exchange for prizes. Some of the World Bosses include, Super Hippogras and Amaranth Wyrm. Eventually someday, the developers might even add a lower level bosses for the new players and low level players to be part of.

The last dungeon that Xen Rebirth is the boss dungeon. This is also a party dungeon with 8 players, but you are just beating one boss for tokens and rewards. This dungeon consists of Houdick (Level 55-80), Lizard Griffon (Level 70-100), Clock (Level 96-135), Cowlegend (105-140), and Fiersaver Tiger Dungeon (120-175).


These dungeons give you a lot of tokens and rewards in the game. You are also able exchange these tokens with an NPC in town to get different prizes and other rewards. Occasionally, there are seasonal dungeons that are available for a limit of time during the season such as Valentines, Santa X, and Easter dungeons to get exclusive rewards from those dungeons.

Pets and Mounts:

There are lots of mounts that the game offers. These mounts can give you a boost on Magic, Defence, Strength, Agility, HP, MP, and more. These are special pets that you can get from tokens in dungeon, buying selling, trading etc. There are also

Making New Friends:

In Xen Rebirth, there are many friendly players who want to make new friends so anyone is welcome to join the game and make friends to party with each other and have fun.

AOE and Solo Haven:

There are many ways you can grind in the game. One of them is AOE where you gather a lot of mobs and just get rid of them at once. This is one of the faster ways to level up. If players want a slower paced play style, there are solo havens where EXP is slightly boosted and you cannot use any AOE skills, but you can grind mobs one by one. There are also maps where you can AOE, but some choose to grind one by one as well. This is just a personal choice on how you want to grind. Everyone has a different way of playing the game.

These are some of the things that you can do in the game. Come and join the fun. We'd love to have you be part of the team.

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