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Let's have this discussion for the millionth of time.

List your features that would make your dream MMO.

No rules with this, you can borrow mechanics from other genres too.

I'll start with a few:


  • Feudal Japan or Medieval times with some fantasy elements (monsters, magic etc)
  • Heavily PVP-oriented, RvRvR. With some PVE on the side (They would go hand in hand however)
  • Player-run cities/villages
  • Minimal amount of NPC:s, starting areas, some large hubs (aka safe-zones)


  • Mordhau / Bushido Blade-like, you aim your hit. With good precision and luck you could land a one-hit strike on the spot (head cut right off).
  • Magic would work like guns in regular first person shooters, again, you need to aim it right to make an effect. Fireballs for example could inflict burning damage on your opponent. However the effectiveness of the burning damage would depend on your opponents armor or the environment (raining, snowing etc)
  • Friendly fire, would pretty much remove zerging and make the combat more tactical even in PVE
  • Full on limb damage. You get hit on the legs, your movement would get "debuffed", your limbs could be cut off with permanent debuffs ofc. They could be healed or replaced even but not on the spot.
  • Easy to learn, hard to master. Experienced players prolly would be in Mordhau-terms like ballerinas with a blade.


  • Perma-death, this would make the world a very dangerous place.
  • Full-loot PVP, yes I said it. This could be countered with travelling in groups of players or staying in safe-zones. There needs to be danger.
  • No classes, no talents, no skills and no levels. Very simple and easy, which I think would pretty much end the endless arguing over casual play vs. hardcore. It would benefit both. A busy dad of two (like me) could still be relevant in combat if to learn a maneuver or two which could prove very useful in both PVP and PVE. And more hardcore audience of course would be the ballerinas like I mentioned in the combat section 😀
  • Non-combat professions, yes. Something for those who are tired of the culture of endless gear grinding and raids. One could go and only be a farmer, fisherman, blacksmith, miner, cook or whatever pretty much you could think a town would need. This wouldn't need skillpoints either. You just pick your tool, go and do. Ingredients would differ of course. Some zones in the map that would be more dangerous and active with enemy players could offer more rare ores to miners for example. This could create a whole guild based on mining operations, soldiers to keep their miners safe. Merchants for the guild to sell their ore etc. And of course as simple miner could defend himself with a pickaxe, it all comes down to personal skill with the combat system I mentioned earlier.
  • Gear would be pretty much player made and with this the idea of "gear" would be very different compared to normal RPG system that we are used to. There wouldn't be BIS or all that jazz. Some gear could offer some perks like it would deflect some fire damage however it wouldn't help too much when someone hits your face in with a hammer. Some monsters could drop gear too, however it couldn't be instantly used. The breastplate for example would need to be "fitted" by a blacksmith first for your character. Again, this would create some massive player-to-player interaction.
  • Housing in open world, which would turn into villages and cities with large numbers of players in the same area. Housing always comes with a price of upkeeping and of course the possibility that some player could smash your door in and loot your house. To counter this it would be wise to live in a player-run city. With this, city-sieges would be included too.

Okay so much writing with bad grammar, sorry. English ain't my native language.

There's still so many features I'd add, just got lazy 😀

I do realize that this would never float well with the current mmo-community and with that this is really just a dream and will never happen. One can dream tho 😀

Post your ideas!

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