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Your Qualifications For What Constitutes a Good Crafting System

Gamingtodaynews1g - Your Qualifications For What Constitutes a Good Crafting System

We often talk about which MMO's have good crafting systems, and why, but I don't think anyone has ever compiled a list of what makes a good system. What's your list for what you're looking for in a good crafting system? Here's mine:

1: Consistency. I know some people are, but I'm not a huge fan of randomized item stats. It feels like a cop-out that's designed to extend the need to grind by forcing you to keep cranking out an item until you get the right stats. Honestly, the occasional joy of getting a good roll simply doesn't offset the irritation of farming rare materials only to get unwanted stats/effects. I'd much rather have consistent numbers, maybe with a minigame that causes the numbers to fluctuate a bit based on your performance, or a way to apply extra effects to the end product (such as an enchanting system)

2: Choice. Having cookie-cutter recipes that make bog-standard items with no flexibility aside from maybe some numbers variation is insanely boring to me. If I'm going to be putting in the work to craft, I want to have some control over the end product. This means choosing what special effects/stat boosts the item has (as opposed to them coming out randomly) or having more than one or two choices of item that are relevant to my level. (because so many mmos are lazy, and whatever level you're at there's only a few armor choices that match your character level)


3: Value. Player-crafted equipment should be capable of at least approaching the top-tier equipment. Some games want to highlight the real high-end gear by making it only available from loot drops, while crafting options only let you craft the 2nd best option. After all, legendary gear wouldn't be legendary if players could make it. This annoys the hell out of me because you invest all this time into crafting, only to have it rendered moot when you hit the end-game.

4: No unnecessary grinding. I'm not against grinding in general, I'm talking about mechanics that are specifically there solely to pad out time requirements. Things like the ESO "research" system where you have to wait a certain amount of time while your character researches new crafting traits. Just pointless time-padding that only serves to annoy people (annoy people into buying microtransactions in this case)

These are the primary things that spring to my mind. What would go on your list, or any thoughts about mine?

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