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Zelda story from a long long time ago (expressing a very late thanks)

Gamingtodaynews1g - Zelda story from a long long time ago (expressing a very late thanks)

When I was a kid in the 90s I had a Gameboy color that I played all the time, my mom had purchased me a copy of Legend of Zelda Links Awakening (DX I believe). For a while, I was too into pokemon yellow at the time and didn't start playing LoZ for quite a while.

When I did pick it up, I remember the odd save system where you had to press a few buttons at the same time threw me off but when I found out over a bit of time was that I couldn't save the game. I didn't know at the time, but the game had a battery in it that had apparently died preventing it from saving the game. I told my parents and they just told me to beat the game without turning my Gameboy off, which of course as a kid playing this game I thought was impossible! The battery on the Gameboy would die before I beat it!

Eventually, I wrote a letter (with my parent's help) to ask Nintendo for help. It was so long ago that I don't remember where it went, I live in the US so likely the Nintendo place closest to me? After some time I got a letter back, they asked me to send them the game for repairs. I got it mailed out, and of course, after a good while I got a package in the mail, me a kid had mail!

The package had a replacement game in it, with a note written out in pen saying how happy they were to help me with getting this going so that I could play. The letter I wrote them was likely dramatic as I was a devastated kid. Oh, joy, I got the game played for ages and as I grew up became a lifelong collector and player of those Zelda games.


I wanted to go back to my childhood home where I stored my entire collection, find the letter I had kept among my things to post on Reddit as I was thinking of this fondly the other day. However, I returned home to find my boxes hidden up in the attic had been raided. All of them were empty, I had a copy of every single Zelda game to date (Other than skyward sword and Breath of the Wild) in there was a fully completed game save on all of them. I have no way to prove it or do anything about it, but it looks like a family member found them (all boxes clearly labeled with my name on them and DO NOT TOUCH written on them) where I had buried them way in the back. So not only do I feel warmth for Nintendo and that great childhood memory but also a lot of anger as I found that my entire childhood memory boxes had been raided and sold off at a pawn shop or something. Anyway, just wanted to share this anyway.

TL;DR: My childhood Nintendo collection and special letter I got in the mail from Nintendo as a young kid were stolen by a pos family member and pawned off somewhere. Where this was supposed to be a nice fun post, when I went home to find all this it turned bad!

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