I just hit max level and I think the game wants me to quit.

crossout1 - I just hit max level and I think the game wants me to quit.

I play in EU, PC platform. Had a blast with quick queue times and balanced matches via powerscores, have been playing since early March.

I just hit level 30 Engineers and all of sudden my queues are 1 minute long at which point it throws me into matches against people who are all 500 more powerscore than me. Yet the region is EU as can be seen by F11. I only had this issue when I once tried to group play with another max level player so we could do quick daily we had together and we went against stacks of players from same clans while also having 500 more powerscore than us.

All the enemy players have unique banners and are in clans. While I sit there with my common items that always worked for me because that is what I was facing at that powerscore prior to this mess. Now it is all taken away from me for simply playing the game. Do they expect me to make new account just to have fun and balanced matches?


I really wish this was a bug but knowing that groups are always placed in group matchmaking, for balance reasons obviously. I still think it is absurd that I can't play the game anymore due to 3x longer queue times and unbalanced matchmaking that always puts me against players which have way higher powerscore than me. This isn't a problem with lack of players, it is a problem of limiting max level players to play between themselves only. Something that should apply to Clan Wars not Scrap Metal. I have no problem with limiting Engineers level 10 players to play between themselves, because by the time you're level 11, you have a fair grasp of the game.

TL;DR: Max level players are forced into queueing against other max level players, splitting the small playerbase and making Engineers level 10 limit irrelevant.

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