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10% Damage on Weapon Calculation

diablo1 - 10% Damage on Weapon Calculation

I just had a 2 hour debate with a guy over this, and it got pretty heated… This is for condemn sader. I said that having 10% damage on the weapon (The Furnace) is a straight-up 10% increase to your overall damage because it's a separate multiplier, and there is only one 10% damage roll. (unlike dual-wielding builds where each 10% damage roll is only applied to that weapon's base damage).

He insisted that I don't know how to do basic math, and that it's additive. He claimed that a 10% damage roll on weapon only gives you around 4-5% increase to overall damage. But when I showed him my calculation formula on d3planner, and when I pointed out that 10% damage is a separate multiplier that is not added to any other multiplier (such as 15% condemn or 20% elemental), he said that I'm oversimplifying. But he never actually told me what exactly is added to the 10%.

From what I see on d3planner, the 10% damage is multiplied to the weapon's base damage, which is in turn multiplied to all the other types of multipliers (main stat, skill damage, elemental damage, damage from other skills and buffs, etc), which are constant before and after I added 10% damage to my weapon. (For testing I put in resource cost reduction instead of 10%).

The numbers on D3planner checked out. I recorded the condemn damage (1) when I have 10% damage roll on my weapon, and (2) when I have resource cost instead of 10%; and the difference is exactly 10%. The formula also makes sense. But he keeps saying I don't understand basic math and that I'm oversimplifying things… Am I right?


Edit: after I showed him my screenshots and the formula, he said that I clearly don't understand the difference between condemn damage and final damage output… to which I replied that condemn is the only significant source of damage for this build, and that all other sources of damage (such as thorns, follower dmg, or primary skill) are negligible. He then said that there's a difference between condemn damage and dps, which I said that since condemn is not affected by attack speed, a 10% increase to damage per hit (condemn damage) IS a 10% increase to damage per second (assuming you are casting condemn at a constant rate, such as using a macro)

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He then sent me this picture: https://www.google.com/search?q=diablo+3+dps+calculation+formula&client=firefox-b-1-ab&tbm=isch&source=iu&ictx=1&fir=-8cuUciY4j_-MM%253A%252Cdf7Wd2ogpT9tlM%252C_&usg=AI4_-kSA6g0SJbtMACpeovU6KNpi8495Og&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjnltPbqJLfAhUEEXwKHXYfBbYQ9QEwEXoECAUQBA#imgrc=-8cuUciY4j_-MM

And said that 10% damage is part of DamMod, which is "the sum of all increased damage mods." This is where he refused to talk to me further because apparently I can't read and can't do basic math. But the problem is that this formula is actually incorrect because there are multiple types of multipliers, and they are not added. (For example the (1+800%) multiplier from Blade of Prophecy is not added to (1+40%) elemental)….

So my question is very simple: For condemn crusader, does having a "10% damage" roll on The Furnace give you a 10% increase to your overall damage (ignoring other insignificant sources of damage such as thorns, follower, and primary skill)? Yes or no?

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