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[2.6.4] T13 List of LON Speedfarm builds

diablo10 - [2.6.4] T13 List of LON Speedfarm builds

With the LON changes in 2.6.4 there are multiple Fun LON builds that used to be used for speed farming in T10 that will once again become viable, this time in T13. The following is a table of some of them that have been tested (By others) and work.



  • There are other builds, these are just the ones that stand out to me, either because they offer a somewhat unique experience or vary somewhat from set builds.
  • These may not be the most efficient builds but they're fun imo and can provide an alternative experience.
  • Most of the guides listed are older, and in most cases Swamp Land Waders (yes the WD only item), with the right elemental damage type (which you then roll main stat on to the right stat for your class), tend to be better than Hexing Pants or whatever the guide lists.
  • I've tried to the best of my ability to list the original creators, and have pointed out when I'm less confident that the folk listed are the original creators. I've also tried my best to stay away from known "build thieves".
  • I'm open to adding builds, let me know if there are any standouts I may have forgotten.


Class Build Link Notes
Crusader Phalanx Bowmen by /u/u/Drahque that has sadly moved away from D3 (Not sure if original creator, seems a clan-mate of his was) IMO, this build is just pure fun. Running around with an army killing everything at high speed is amusing, Kinda like a Necro but as a Crusader. There are also a few variants.
Bonus: Crusader Perma-Spiked-Pony (Not the Real Name) by Sury (although I believe he's not the original creator, I'm not sure) A tried and true build with many variations. IMO Krelm's buff belt is a better choice than broken crown. If you're fine with swapping gear, Warzechian Armguards equipped with nemesis in your bag for pylons is a decent choice. You can also switch consecration for Condemn vacuum if you want.
Monk One Punch Monk by Quin69 Sunwuko version is probably stronger, but LON has extra orange text, so not sure which is better (probably still Sunwuko).
Bonus: Monk One Kick Monk by /u/Davlok Same as above
Demon Hunter Trail of Destruction by /u/dunkelvieh that has sadly moved away from D3 Fun and very fast build imo. DO NOT USE CALAMITY as your weapon. It's been nerfed since the build was made, you're better off with K'MAR TENCLIP (and switching Strafe rune to Icy Trail or Rocket storm, if you use Rocket Storm, change chest to Cindercoat) or VALLA'S BEQUEST.
Witch Doctor Firewalker by Jmacc

video by /u/Bigdaddyden76 , Updated guide coming when Diablofans updates. NOte Jmacc has a few variants on Diablofans (Not sure exactly why).
Bonus: Witch Doctor Speedy Spirit (Not real name) by /u/Bigdaddyden76 Most of the same pieces needed by the GR pushing version, so not bad at all.
Barbarian Hot Magma by Tao, Written up by Siladil Guide is a bit out dated, I would personally use something other than Icewalkers, Gloves of worship (Magefist instead imo) and Mirinae (Probably Pain Enhancer, Taeguk, or Zei's) and MAYBE The Burning Axe of Sankis for the fire damage instead of Sunkeeper
Bonus: Barbarian Frenzy Thorns by /u/Drahque that has sadly moved away from D3 (Not sure if original creator, seems a clan-mate of his was) "Wait" you say "this is a Pushing build!", well that's true but it CAN be switched over by switching Bastion Revered in the Cube to In-Geom, why? Because shit dies so fast you don't care about the extra stacks, you just want to be going from elite pack to elite pack and frenzy-ing them down in a second or 2 before moving on to the next.
Necromancer Frozen Corpses (Not the real Name) by Eeevil Screen full of explosions, fast move speed. What's not to like? That being said playstyle isn't too different than set builds, and similar set builds are likely better.
Wizard Honestly nothing stands out as having a playstyle unique from that of the set versions. AFAIK Wizards have never really had good LON builds. Suggestions anyone? NT
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