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29 Additional Quality of Life Improvements Inspired by Patch 2.6.5 PTR Preview

diablo16 - 29 Additional Quality of Life Improvements Inspired by Patch 2.6.5 PTR Preview

Hi, I hope this message finds the eye of a blizzard developer and reaches their heart. 🙂

With the advent of new patch and its focus on QoL changes, I think you did a great job. I was inspired to keep a running list and then annotate it onto Reddit. This list and its explanations are the culmination of wisdom and experience gained from the collective Diablo 3 player-base and not just me. I have attempted to give it a priority order, with the most useful items at the top of the list and the less useful or more obscure benefits at the bottom. It is not in WSJF order; it is order of business value. 😉

My original goal was to provide you this with enough time to get some of these into 2.6.5, but I waited too long to post this…

This is my first post in this community; sorry for the length. I tried to also post in the official forums but it was too long there. Please discuss, debate, and share these ideas!

  1. Please provide an extra legendary gem upgrade at Urshi based on a fast clear watermark of your choosing. The idea here is that with the macro-game power creep over time, we players are encouraged to augment our gear with higher and higher gem ranks. The calendar time is takes to go from not augmented to augmented has increased, so provide us a reward for lowering the difficulty of the greater rift we clear by giving us an extra upgrade if we clear it with exceptionally short time. I would suggest this time to be under four minutes. This allows an extra decision point and provides more incentive for speed play which is already happening specifically to raise gem ranks quickly.
  2. If all four red uber portals have been opened, upon the last uber boss being killed in the last portal, please start a closure cool-down timer for the portals. The idea here is so that we can stay in game and continue uber runs and not have to leave the current game instance. This is similar to the timer added for vaults. I would suggest a timer of 15 seconds. This would potentially also have a negligibly positive impact on server performance due to few game creations.
  3. Please increase Ramaladni's Gift stack-able maximum from 100 to 10000. Many of us have easily surpassed 100 of these, and we'd like to consolidate the stacks. If the problem is the number of digits to display, we would happily take 999 as a consolation.
  4. Please reduce the Vault closing timer to 30 seconds. 60 seconds is too long and becomes a burden.
  5. Please increase regular gem stack-able maximums from 5000 to 500000. Even at the highest gem rank, this is increasingly needing consolidation. Again, if the problem is the number of digits, we will settle for 9999.
  6. Please allow us to stack both puzzle rings and bovine bardiches. The community increasingly views these as crafting materials more than equippables. We could still unstack using the SHIFT key if needed. They do not even need to stack by default with right-clicking from inventory to stash. You can force us to stack them manually. There is no need worry about the variance of the statistics, although separate stacks for regular, ancient, and primal would be useful for puzzles.
  7. Please allow ancient and primal bovines to yield different results, similar to puzzles. You can surprise us with your creativity, but one feature might be increased guarantee for pools of reflections from two.
  8. Please provide a salvage-all button for identified non-ancient, non-primal, non-socketed lengendaries. This would provide feature parity for the buttons already in place for white, blue, and yellow items.
  9. Please place the season end date inside the game UI. All too often our player-base is asking each other or alt-tabbing to find the season end date. Having this update-able from your end with current expected season end date will save the questions and the alt-tabs.
  10. Please allow us the ability to change the order of our stash tabs and our armory tabs. Sometimes we just want the tabs to be in a different order than when we originally arranged our gear within those tabs. We cannot easily change the order today.
  11. Please allow the armory to pull over gems we left on other characters. Today, we have to make sure to offload our gems to the stash before swapping characters.
  12. Please show a confirmation dialog when we try use gem of eases higher than rank 25 with the level reduce recipe in Kanai's cube. It is too easy today to reverse the order of an augmentation recipe with a level reduce recipe if we higher gem first. It is likely we do not intend to reduce levels with something higher than rank 25, so please make us confirm.
  13. Please allow us to extract legendary potions into Kanai's cube, and provide an extra potions category. This is a neat way to collect and retain all of the potions' orange text, and provides a slight boost as well.
  14. Please make ancient items look different like you treated primals. Differentiating primals has been well received; we'd like to see a difference in the ground UI icon as well as something noticeable on the item to better disambiguate ancients from their regular equivalents.
  15. Please auto-pick crafting materials. This includes anything that does not take inventory space: death's breaths, uber organs, act mats, and the regular white, blue, and yellow crafting mats. Please also consider including legendary and regular gems even those these take inventory space. Perhaps we need a toggle-able setting for those since they take space.
  16. Please allow us to view all of the cube-able items in Kanai's regardless of the current class. Today we have to make seven characters and swap between them to see this. Perhaps off-class cube-able should be grayed out, and perhaps we need a game-play toggle setting for this.
  17. Please raise maximum gem crafting from 256. If you are looking for a suggestion on the new maximum, I opine that one extra order of magnitude should be enough.
  18. Please allow us to use SHIFT and CTRL buttons at Kadala for bulk options. I would suggest some small number like five for SHIFT, and for CTRL, fill up our inventory.
  19. Legacy of Nightmare rings should always drop at least ancient. This just make intuitive sense.
  20. For season 17, give us popular (ancient?) legendaries for LoN builds, not set items, from Haedrig's Gifts. We, of course, could debate which ones, but there are well-known community favorites for each class's LoN build. This fits much more thematically with this season.
  21. Please send the act caches from bounties through the in game mail system. Today, we all have to be diligent to make sure we have enough room in our inventory, or we risk losing them when someone turns them in.
  22. Please bring back the recently played with list. This was incredibly useful.
  23. Please sweep up within a radius the uber organ materials like is done for other crafting materials. Today, we have to pedantically click all of them, and we may accidentally miss one.
  24. After having invited someone to a community, please gray out the option like is done for clan invites. Today, you cannot tell if you have invited someone until you try and get an error. For the clan invite, it nicely grays out.
  25. Please place an obelisk or some clickable inside the not-the-cow-level which the group must agree to shut down the portal. This doesn't now allow us to keep not going to not a cow level not in the same game. 🙂
  26. Please provide us some better UI indication on items as to whether we have cubed the item, both for the seasonal and non-seasonal mode. It would be even better if we could tell for all four game modes (including hardcore modes). Today it is quite a pain and takes 28 character slots to be able to tell which is cubed or not for which mode.
  27. Please provide something definite which shows primals are unlocked. Today we know if they are unlocked by remembering if we have done a solo GR 70 and we have a primal from that, or by checking to see if we can store 1200 blood shards. Why not make it explicit somewhere that primals can drop? I would suggest the upper right corner where other buffs are stored, or you can add it to the hover text for blood shards.
  28. Please automatically enter our paragon after we reach 800. It would 99.99% of the time be into our main stat. You could provide a toggle-able option for this if controversial.
  29. Please fix the defect with the completely black screen when accidentally killing the ubers in the top middle portal before the cut-scene kicks in. We four players in the game have to restart our client and wait for a cool-down when this happens before we can log back in. This will probably still happen in T16. 🙂
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