Diablo 3

845 paragons FTW, not too shabby for no augs and prepatch S16

diablo7 - 845 paragons FTW, not too shabby for no augs and prepatch S16

Define your own personal seasonal objective and enjoy your gaming. D3 is just smooth gameplay for a few weeks then the grind become real; way too repetitive for the casual.

Next season sub 800 FTW. Other class like DH / Wiz/ Monk will probably push 100 solo at sub 700 paragons due to the insane buff from PTR S16.

I am sure there are tons of competitive players who can do it lower than 800 paragons / no augs. Be cool to see some peeps best push to solo 100 regardless of class. The challenge will be gone unless you play a non-buff set.


New season character in NA one and half week ago.

Playtime : 45hr between DH got PL , then crafted Cruz from friendly drops.

<10k primary stats

1.3m sheet dps in town, profile is 1m


Legendary gem: 84 Stricken, 99 BoTT, 90 Eso

No augments, No primal

No group play above own solo clear, so earned the GR opening.

Journey in 20+hr after PL, got 4th tab in NA so that finally done.

Broke personal previous low of 862 on DH and Cruz for 100 solo clear.

EU : Pushed to 106 no augs at 1400+ paragons ballpark on Cruz so that was a challenge itself. Work on your playstyle ; everything else is just bigger numbers and more primary stats.


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