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A Balanced Trading & Respec System Reccomendation

diablo18 - A Balanced Trading & Respec System Reccomendation

Respec System:

In early Diablo 2, your choices mattered too much as you could not respec.

In Diablo 3, your choices do not matter at all as you can respec unlimitedly.

In Diablo 4, I understand that Blizzard wants to find a balance between the two.

Below I share my views on the current system.

Part of what makes character building rewarding is that we get to show off our build. Diablo is a competition in the sense that you want to create a character that you’re proud of and feel is better than everyone else’s characters.

Current Solution:

– Pay to respec means that rich people can experiment with builds as much as they want

– This is worse than both 0 Respecing and unlimited respecing, because at least for either of those, it was a fair playing field as everyone has access to the same thing.

Recommended Balanced Solution:

For every level, you receive a respec point that allows you to undo

– respec point for skills, undoes 1 skill point and can be reallocated

– respect point for stats, undoes 5 stat point and can be reallocated

– This ensures that your choices do matter because you only have so many respec points

– If paragon levels are in diablo 4, these paragon levels will give you respec points as well, this way their ability to respec depends on the amount of time they put into their character

– The player can save up their respec points until they feel they need to use them

– the player will want to save up enough respec points to switch builds completely so they’re not stuck in the middle of 2 weak builds

Trading System:

Diablo 2 trading was fun before the third party websites such as d2jsp and the sites that sold items. It was personally my favorite part of the game, as one would barter to trade for better gear while socializing.

Sometimes it was as satisfying as finding a godly item because a good trade is rare to come by.

It was both a social element and the item acquisition element of Diablo 2.


Item acquisition became way too easy and a lot less rewarding once d2jsp made it easy to find what you’re looking for. I felt forced to use it too because everyone was using it and it was the optimal way to make your character better. Websites sold botted items, and the game was flooded with the best gear and it was no longer a challenge to get good gear.

The Diablo 3 developers did not want third party websites to be a part of the game so they brought in the auction house. The Diablo 3’s auction house took too much away from the actual gameplay and was the main source of item acquisition. This also made item acquisition too easy and unrewarding.

The whole trade problem is; how to keep third party websites out of the trade economy, but still have a trading system that allows players a different way of acquire items and socialize, but still have the actual gameplay itself the main source of item acquisition.

Recommended Balanced Solution:

You can only trade to the people on your friends list.

You will not be able to trade to someone that you add to your friends list after you acquired the item or after the item is dropped from a monster.

– This creates a network trading system.

– Trading/Selling websites become useless because the people on the sites were not on your friends list at the time of item drop, thus you are unable to trade them

– Being only limited to trade with friends makes trading more difficult to find what you're looking for, which ensures that PVM is still the main source of item acquisition

– Ensures Item acquisition through trade is still challenging and rewarding

– Trade network significantly increases social interaction and keeps players engaged with one another

Trade Scenarios that improve social interaction with this system

  1. Conventional Trading: Tell your friends you’re looking for a specific item, or you have a particular item for trade.
  2. Network trading: If friend x has what you need but don’t have what he needs, you can ask your friends if they have what friend x needs, then trade them and then trade friend x after you acquire what he needs from your other friends.

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