Diablo 3

A few thoughts and questions on the game based on my first char.

diablo8 - A few thoughts and questions on the game based on my first char.

I got this game on the black Friday sale and for the most part I've been really enjoying it so far with some exceptions. First let me say I've been playing solo playing my own build so I could have no idea what I'm talking about.

My char: https://us.diablo3.com/en/profile/Arcana-11914/hero/106521629 (To me my build kind of feels "complete" with the exception that I wanted to use Crown of the Primus helm and Unity ring for my cube powers but haven't found them yet)

It seems that you have to use sets to try to push into endgame (I guess?) That doesn't initially sound too bad but I started using Tal's set and I really didn't enjoy maintaining four stacks to get the full damage potential. I know it's not really hard to do but I didn't enjoy it. Eventually I found all of Delsere's set and tried something new. It was fun for a while but it's getting kind of boring spamming Slow Time then attacking. It feels like attacking with an extra step.

One question I have is if these sets are the only way to push into high rifts because so far the two I tried feels like it's putting limits on my build, and it turns out to not be as fun. Second, is the build I'm using not worth pushing? So far, I've gotten to GR 40 at around 7 mins and I'm not sure what more to do besides leveling gems and paragon levels.

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