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A Letter to Blizzard: Fixing More Than Just the Anomaly

diablo1 - A Letter to Blizzard: Fixing More Than Just the Anomaly

Dear Blizzard,

Recently, I wrote about how how Diablo 3 was much more than just a game to myself and my friends. It's the foundation on which we interact as well as being a therapeutic stress reliever. I was not alone.

Yesterday, a hotfix was released that fixed some of the issues regarding the seasonal anomaly.

Though I was glad to see some of the issues rectified regarding the noise, etc., this was not nearly enough.

I know it takes a tremendous amount of resources to resolve these problems. I will say that I worked in the medical field in a subspecialty that has zero tolerance for errors. I also happen to be a technology entrepreneur and know what it's like to manage precious developer time with a backlog.

The exploit is still occurring.

Moreover, by stating that the multiplayer stack sharing is intended, this was was a convenient way to acknowledge the mistake, hopefully quell the masses, and move on without diverting resources to fixing it further.

By allowing this, you are not only upsetting and ignoring the community, you are essentially endorsing the manipulation and exploitation of a mechanic that you created.

You are compromising the integrity of the game, now and in the future.

Moreover, there are still ongoing issues of botting and external software hacks among others with very little to no enforcement.

I follow many content creators in the community – Rhykker, Raxxanterax, Wudijo, and more.

I was on Rax's stream when the hotfix went live. It was disappointing to say the least when we, as a community, saw that the leaderboards were not going to be reset. The leaderboards are completely compromised.


This is an issue because those who were trying to push the leaderboards or interested in watching those push have now lost interest.

I was so happy to make it on the leaderboards for solo Barb, but that excitement was short lived where I can't help but wonder who on the leaderboards was cheating.

For streamers, they have stopped pushing higher GRs for the same reason. Those at the top are cheating and continue to cheat, even for just the massive experience and gem gains.

Content creation and the community as a whole suffer. If that suffers, your bottom line will suffer.

I didn't play Season 19, but I understand that this type of exploitation has been around since that season, thus there is an established pattern of behavior.

Those who were having fun and found renewed interest in Diablo are now deflated.

They may have returned for Season 21, but they may not for Season 22.

If they don't return for S22, they will not for D2 Resurrected, Immortal, or Diablo 4.

So I completely understand that it takes time and money to resolve these issues which don't reflect positively on the quarterly earnings. I get that.

However, there will be even less future earning potential if you don't invest now in rectifying your current transgressions for the sake of the Diablo franchise.

It's more than just a game for many of us. Blizzard, I am hoping it is for some of you as well.

TLDR: Fix the anomaly properly. Reset the leaderboards and punish cheaters. Diablo franchise integrity is at stake and there won't be a future fanbase for upcoming Diablo games.

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