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A merge between Diablo II US West and East needs to happen

diablo5 - A merge between Diablo II US West and East needs to happen

I have always played on East in the past as I live in the East go figure. However my best friend lives out West (moved after college) and started playing last ladder on West and I followed suite. At first I did not notice the difference in "population" between the servers. However after a couple weeks and towards the end of the ladder is was incredibly ovious how dead US West is. By not stretch of the imagination US East is 5x if not 10x more populated than US West at any given time. I do not know if it would even be possible to merge these servers or if the classic team even cares, but it would be awesome! People still swear by the ping and I play Hardcore and I have never died to ping. The servers can stay whever they are and just you just connect to whatever is closest to you like most games do. I understand the need to seperate East and West back in the dial-up days but now its just not needed. This ladder I have to make the hard choice to move over to East just so I can enjoy other players, the few I have met on West I just have to say goodbye to. I decided today that I am stopping West and resetting on East so I can find more players to play with easier and I WISH I did not have to do that. Side note if you know about D2JSP then their forums are a huge indicator between East and West population. US East HC forum has on average 100 browsing at all times where as US West HC has like 6 to 12 (no joke). For non HC the numbers are just as drastic, BLIZZARD please stop the division between the remaining Diablo II players!


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