Diablo 3

A single-player mod I made together with my brother

diablo6 - A single-player mod I made together with my brother

We made a mod for Diablo 2. It swaps around some skill tabs drastically changing barbarian, druid and paladin. It also makes golems and skeletal mages more viable. I hope you enjoy it!

I greatly recommend you play it with plugy (install plugy first).

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Feel free to leave comments on fun ideas for future updates! 🙂

Modden är helt klart ett julpyssel för det finns snö i spelet (jul) och det har massa effekter (pyssel).

Quality of life changes:

– Doesn't lose corpse on death.

– Increase inventory and horadric cube size.

– Increased drop and gambling rates (doesn't apply for runes).

– Makes it possible to play on difficulties with more players (max 64): This is the pre 1.10 settings.

– No need for gems in runes recipes.

– Removed intro cutscene.

– Akara now sells gems and runes at an expensive price:

— Up to standard gems and the first three runes on Normal.

— Flawless and perfect gems and up to Amn runes on Nightmare.

— Up to Zod runes on Hell.

– New horadric cube recipes:

— Downgrade a magic or rare item to a normal one with one flawless gem.

— Nine gems of the same type and level -> 1 gem of the same gem, but two levels higher.

— E.g. 9 chipped amethyst -> 1 standard amethyst.

— Reroll sockets of an socketed item with one Ith, Ort and flawless gems.

— Unsocket any items with one standard gems.

– Replaced monster immunities with 95% resistances.

— This also applies to superuniques (some superuniques have a random mod which can enhance resistance and make them immune).

— Unique monsters and champions can still be immune.

Major Changes:

– Added new runewords (see runewords.pdf for all runewords).

– Skill charges on unique items, set items and runewords are replaced with oskills.

– Oskills on Wolfhowl are now regular skills.

– Swapped skills between characters:

— Switched shapeshifting (druid) with warcries (barbarian) (inspired by Wolfhowl).

— Switched elemental skills (druid) with offensive auras (paladin).

— Switched conviction (paladin -> druid) with Valkyrie (amazon).

— Switched battle command (barbarian -> druid) with Shadow master (assassin).


– Added new magic affixes (rares can also have these): 5% chance to cast level y z on hit.

— y = 5 (normal+), 10 (nightmare+), 15 (hell).

— z is all kinds of spells (required level 1-12 normal+, 18-24 nightmare+, 30 hell).

— Spells with reqquired level 1-6 drop with level 5-10 (normal+), 15 (nightmare+), 20 (hell).

Changes to Barbarian:

– Fire Claw only gets synergy from lycnthropy.

Changes to Druid:

– Allows druids to summon bear and wolves at the same time.

– Druid is now a crazy support character, using auras, warcries and summoners.

— Differs from skelemancer as it focuses on buffs instead of debuffs.

Changes to Necromancer:

– Allows necromancer to summon all golems at the same time.

— The maximum number of each number is increased by one every 15th level (doesn't apply to iron golem).

– Allows necromancer to summon all golems at the same time.

– Skeletal mages' damage is increased by twice as much per level.

– Revives are permanent.

– Skeletal mages have more life:

— (It seems like it originally got 7% more life per level, which is now increased to 10%).

— This cannot be seen in the original game since it is not printed in the descriptions (SkillDesc.txt).

– Summoning necros no longer need to use raise skeletons.

— Try skelemages + fire golem + elemental weakness, or an all-out golem build.

Changes to Paladin:

– Conversion duration is increased by two seconds per level.

– Enabled Holy Bolt and the Fist of the Heavens to damage all kinds of enemies (and not just undead).

– Hurricane gets synergy from Zeal instead of Twister.

– Zeal gets synergy from Hurricane instead of Sacriface.

– Paladin focuses more on elemental damage, with insane combos like hurricane + zeal.

Changes to Sorceress:

– Meteor-delay is one quarter of the original.

Installation guide:

– Put the data folder and the two dll's into the Diablo 2 installation folder.

– Run Diablo 2 from a shortcut with "-direct -txt" added to the target line (in the shortcut's preferences).

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